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Mr Mountainbiker rides but this time STACK big time at 19th hole at Manly Dam

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By mountainbiker - Posted on 30 August 2009

hi mountainbiker here just showing you a new video i did today at manly dam the 19th hole b-plus line MASSIVE STACK

and check out: about mr mountainbiker (me)

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The first roll down looked good... Good to see you wearing the correct kit Smiling

From what I could see your weight wasn't far back enough over the rear wheel on the second roll off. I would practice riding off some smaller roll off's and practice getting your bum on to the back wheel (you can even do this riding slowly on the flat).

Check this dude out, he if right off the seat.

Roll Off

Also on these sort of things be really careful with your front brake. Try not to use any when your front wheel touches anything that will catch it up. The forks will pump up and your finger will instinctively pull the front brake on... I "try" to keep off the front brake on the second half of all roll offs.

Other than that, keep it up - good work Smiling

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Josh warned me I shouldn't watch... he was right! Laughing out loud

+1 to LadyToast's comment (nice sequece by the way). It's still tough to do that where you endo'd - the line the guys marked out for you is the easier option.

When I was getting the hang of rocky roll-offs I would "fist the bar" (ie, all fingers on the grip) with my right hand so there was no risk I'd tighten up and accidentally grab the front brake. When I eventrually get back to trail riding in a few months I'll probably need to do that again until I get my skill and confidence back up.

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i did have my bum back behind the seat i think it just was too vertical

if you look at this video you can see the slowmo bit where i crash and you can clearly see i have my bum back. But anyway just keep trying i guess

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I don't think you should keep trying on the 19th hole, you really should practice your skills on easier stuff like Ladytoast suggested.
Learn to ride smaller stuff smoothly and in proper control, then work your way up to the bigger stuff.
It's too easy to get seriously hurt otherwise.
Cheers John.

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just looked at your vids a few times and the fist section of b+ line you do well(its not easy)
Just with the second half, instead of rolling it,you have to "pop" it as soon as the front wheel hits the last bit of horizontal rock(the same way you pop of a gutter).Doing it this way your bike stays as horizontal as possible.
Maybe practice on a bigish gutter or maybe a small dropoff with a grass landing area.You want both wheels to land on the ground at the same time,so it requires a little bit of speed popping of the edge.As the drops get bigger even land back wheel before front just a tad and let your body absorb the drop by crouching the moment you land(like the shock does).

Ps. maybe get a full face helmet with good ventilation and a full armour kit and kit up according to the ride you are doing. It helps so much when you are starting out with drops and tech mountain biking.

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