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mountainbiker rides the 19th Hole A-line

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By hawkeye - Posted on 26 August 2009

My son showed me some video captured on his mobile phone of riding buddy and young forumite 'mountainbiker' successfully riding the 19th Hole A Line on the Manly Dam trail last weekend.

Once I recovered from the shock, I was impressed! Unfortunately my son pressed the wrong button so the middle bit of the sequence is missing, but you can see clearly him making the first part of the descent to the middle rock platform, and then surviving the last roll-off to the clay pan at the bottom.

Now, Mr mountainbiker, I need to chew you out. Sad You took a big risk for a beginning mtber. It could very easily have gone wrong, and almost did. You need to work up to those sorts of challenges, and you need to work on your technique: Bum back down and behind the seat for steep descents! You're very very fortunate your handlebars are so high relative to your seat, or you'd have definitely been pitched over the bars a couple of times over! Also, the line over to your far left (while descending) provides a smoother transition to the clay pan at the bottom. There's a Youtube video around somewhere that illustrates.

Anyway, well done on making it, but we'd appreciate you giving my son and I a few less heart attacks.

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had a look on utube but cant find it?

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"Now, Mr mountainbiker, I need to chew you out"

sorry, that was real random,thanks for the laugh:)

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Gazza himself!

I think he (Gazza) was referring to the clip of mtbbiker not being on YouTube...

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For clarity, I'm refering to the young bloke on this forum who goes by the handle of "mountainbiker"

Confusing I know but that's what he goes by on here and I won't use his real name because of his age (early high school).

Sorry, no youtube yet - don't have an account and I haven't yet asked his permission anyway.

As for the lecture, that's the parent in me coming out. LOL Laughing out loud No apologies for that - he's a real nice kid and I have no wish to see him avoidably injured. Or maybe I'm just a wuss. Eye-wink

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he makes it look easy!

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Hi mountainbiker here. If anyone wants to see the vid head over to my youtube account at: i should have it up in an hour.

yer i just realised how dangerous that was but i had done it before on another ride with a friend so i knew and what to expect and i also wonder why i didn't lean back i guess i was just caught up in the moment but yer anything can go wrong i just felt like i was experienced enough to do it and it was kinda easy if you just let yourself roll down

but i should be alot more careful

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hawkeye...i don't see how lecturing someone on a public forum and disclosing their personal information (age) helps in any way.

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Leaning back... Depends a lot on the bike and the set up.

Leaning right back is not really necessary on the DH bike (except on extremely steep long sections) as they are designed to keep the weight over the bb when the bike is pointed down hill.

On an XC bike where once the rear wheel is above the front wheel you weight rides further forward being able to get your weight back helps but you should not be so far back that your arms are fully extended (at least not for long) as it can lead to other issue and can actually lead to an OTB moment.

The problem with leaning right back is that you loose steering control and have no give to let the wheel drop into steps and what not (if your arms are at full extension and the wheel drops down a ledge you have no option but to get thrown forward too, thus getting fling shot OTB).

The fact you got down it with out poking your bum way back would suggest that descent on your bike doesn't warrant it

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If anyone wants to see that video hawkeye is talking about here it is

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go to the far left? the guy in the vid before had the big pole on his left. you had it on his right! just looked again. it looks like you did the 'b' line!

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Having done the b line many times, that looked like it was a straightforward roll down which the b line normally isn't - its generally in two parts: Roll and a wheelie drop.

Whereabouts at the 19th hole did you go?

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The A line is the 1 metre drop to a fairly flat landing straight ahead(slightly to the left) as you come skidding out of the wooden boardwalk section at the end of the first alambie downhill section to the 19th hole

B line is right as you come out

C line is far right.

There is also a forth line far left as you come out. This is somewhere between an A and B line in dificulty so maybe a B+ line Smiling

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he does the b line, then guy recording pauses then records as he goes over the next drop 30cm?

in my opinion he does a great job for his age.

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mtb here.

if you see the video above its just like a meter to the right of where he rode off

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it's what a lot of people call the d line. the a line is a straight line from the boardwalk. still mate, not a bad effort for someone who hasn't been riding long. keep it up and you'll be showing us all how to do it in no time! think i'll be having another go soon on the enduro but much slower than last time. the guy in the second vid made it look sooo easy!

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@markterei: Chill, bro. We're not strangers, and I didn't disclose personal information. Sticking out tongue At least I disclosed no more than he's disclosed himself in any case.

It's a pretty gutsy effort. Unfortunately there's no emoticon for I'm-impressed-but-I'm-not-sure-I-should-be-encouraging-that-just-yet.

mtnbiker, sorry about being so slow getting the clip up onto your youtube account. Been struggling with downloading codecs over our dodgy broadband connection so I can see which file to upload from my computer. I see you've beaten me to it. Smiling

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Looking at the first two clips (now that I can see them), I can see I've got it muddled. mtb'r has done what you guys are calling the b-plus line. I'd forgotten about the other line/gotten it confused from a mislabelled youtube vid. Gazza makes it look all so easy.

Yes, my young bloke hit the pause button by accident over the section where you do the wheelie drop.

I reckon the young mr mountainbiker will make an excellent rider - he's got a lot more courage than me!

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nar dont worry its cool

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For this old man I will stick to the G or H line whatever it is the one I am not going to break any bones on.

All those videos are bloody impressive.

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His body position looks pretty good to me. A bit better brake control and the rear wheel wouldn't have lifted but he got it back under control. Nice riding

We had a few 12yos race the state DH champs up here, including on who got 4th place in under 15s in a time that would have placed top 10 in U19 and just missed qualifying for elite.... So the future of MTBing is looking pretty damn good.

Come to think of it the kid who won U17 (in a time that would have won u19) could have raced U15 and his brother (who won U15) must only be 13 or so...

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this is me at red hill

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... and good positioning on the bike

hope you didn't lose too much skin from today's 19th Hole effort. Eye-wink

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