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The Central Coast track DB : calling all Central Coast Garmin owners!

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By Colt - Posted on 14 October 2009

I am currently in the process of combining every central coast GPS track that I can find into one large GPX file. (But keeping the tracks seperated). I do this for several reasons : a nice easy reference to open and peruse in Mapsource, and a useful way of editing together rides for here on the coast. Perhaps there's an easier way to do this but I find setting them up this way very useful for my local trip planning and ride creation. If ANYONE has extra tracks that could be added into this collection can you please post them up or send them to me for inclusion. And if anyone else can use this file in any way please feel free to do so.

Here's the current version of the .gpx file :


P.s. The file is not completely cleaned up yet... there are some duplicate tracks in there. Thanks to all those who have been putting their activities up on Garmin Connect for me to steal. Eye-wink

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im not tech savy but i can definately lead you around all the trails i know.. and you can do the data collecting bit.


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Thanks mate. Might take you up on that one day.... when I can ride again anyway (currently recuperating from minor surgery)


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