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Manly Dam "works in progress"

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By cambowambo - Posted on 12 December 2009

I came across two dudes from Warringah Council this morning (12 December, 9 am) who were removing some of those dangerous extra timber steps on the Allambie side - under the powerlines at the start of the timber track down to the 19th Hole.

A real improvement! Smiling


I also earlier rode the section leading to there (from Eva's Track onwards) which has been "maintained" by a bulldozer or tracked digger of some kind in recent days - this track is now very smooth fire road the whole way - suitable for wheelchairs and walking frames and totally boring to ride Sad In addition, there are now some rounder, gentler waterbars and the track surface consists of several centimetres of softness - mostly light sand, dust and small stones - which I assume will wash away next time it rains.

The "works in progress" signs are still up so maybe they haven't finished. Or maybe they forgot to take the signs down (again).

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I rode there Thursday and wasn't impressed either Sad

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It seems a bit strange that apart from the recent addition of logs strategically placed on a downhill section to cause riders to go over the handle bars, all the other modifications over the past couple of years seem to be designed to increase speed which surely increases the risk of mountain bikers and walkers coming to grief?

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and makes little sense to me, but they think they're making the track more accessible for less-skilled riders.

I'm glad to hear that they're doing something with those logs atop 19th Hole. I and a few others wrote letters drawing their attention to the very awkward bike wheelbase spacing of the logs, and it's a pleasant change after the last 18 months that they're listening and taking our feedback on board again.

Hopefully this means they might do something about those ridiculous and dangerous sharp-cornered steps that intrude into the track at the rock step-downs near the hydraulics lab, which I've also brought to their attention as a liability risk of their own making.

I might write them a letter of thanks once I've had a chance to see this for myself. It helps them to see us as people who appreciate it when they do good things, rather than a pack of whingers who only talk to them when we want something.

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....and as a less-skilled rider

I find it a real shame. I love doing the dam because its such a big challenge. I would be really disappointed to see the dam get turned into a flat ride just as my technical riding capabilities start to get somewhere.

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Whilst I am all for the trail advocacy that is taking place and have written a few letters to MP's and done a couple of maintenance days to support the good work of others - I am hesitant to downplay the great ride that Manly Dam provides.

Having lived and ridden in Sydney for 5 years now and having ridden the Dam again this morning I am reminded how it has changed over the last few years. I am a middle of the pack XC rider who enjoys the techie stuff and rides a couple of different bikes at the Dam. In my opinion it has always been a decent challenge and fun ride for a short, urban 'track' and although some sections are now easier than others, some are certainly more difficult. Don't forget that most sections have several lines which allows the rider to pick their difficulty factor.

The latest works have created some sandy sections which probably won't last long, so why not make use of the opportunity to practice the soft stuff while you can - I personally would hate it if it was an identical ride every time, that is why I quit triathlons Smiling


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I came across that tracked digger working on the waterbars on Heartbreak Hill this morning. He appears to be working his way down the hill. Those signs we are supposed to adhere to are further on - at Eva's Track - but there is no possibility you wouldn't notice the digger.

This is not in the area we were advised was to be worked on and to me it looks possible that he might continue doing the entire fire trail section from there up to Wakehurst Parkway.

Everything the digger has touched is now smooth and sandy.

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The diggers only recently ploughed the section running from the Parkway down to the creek, so I'd be surprised if they worked their way back up there again after finishing off Heartbreak Hill.

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Just done a couple of laps of the dam and no sign of digger. They seem to have stopped at bottom of heartbreak hill...for now maybe!?

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There is alot of loose dirt and rocks around the track, i assume its going to be compacted eventually.

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