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Linden Ridge

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By marhleet - Posted on 12 January 2010

I asked a nice question and I got a nice reply.
so excellent.

The map SCA map of Woodford Dam shows Glossop Rd Linden marked in red too.

Sections of Glossip Road fall within the Woodford Special Area that has recently been opened to allow for walking and bicycling access. Access beyond the locked gate is permissible to access Linden Ridge and the associated fire trails. Access to the areas behind the chain wire fence such as the old water treatment plant and the access track to the dam from Glossip Road are still prohibited.

New permanent interpretative signage will be installed in the next few weeks at all the main access points to the Woodford Special Area to clarify the access arrangements.

so that means we will be allowed to go and ride
and other bits.

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Awesome - there's some good stuff in the Linden Ridge area.

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I also have done Linden Ridge, about 15 months ago but it needed a good pruning back then!
Hopefully since been looked after by the trail fairies Eye-wink
We did the long single track that follows the ridge (Dur) out and back.

Worth doing


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