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Ranger response to manly Dam feedback

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By hawkeye - Posted on 25 January 2010

It seems like Council has to some extent taken on board the feedback we've given them regarding recent "improvements" to Manly Dam trail.

I rode the descent to the Hydraulics Lab on Saturday for the first time since my OTB last March ( Laughing out loud ), and noticed some changes since I walked it about a month or two ago.

1: The section of trail near Allambie Heights Public School that runs into 19th Hole appears to have had two of the awkwardly spaced logs we complained about removed, and I had no trouble negotiating it.

2: The stupidly placed walking steps next to the last rock step-downs near the Hydraulics Lab look like they have had the sharp edges and corners rounded off with a woodplane as well.

I want to write to the rangers thanking them for at least dealing with the AHPS logs issue, but want to confirm if anybody knows whether it was "official" action that removed them, or if it was "just done" by users taking responsibility for their own safety. I have some concerns around erosion in the long term from simply removing them, but at least the immediate safety problem has been fixed and that warrants some praise.

I may just write and thank them anyway, but if anyone knows anything about this I'd be grateful for the info.

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I haven't noticed any changes and I've been riding there a couple of times a week. Maybe I've just grown used to it. The sharp edges of the steps are probably rounded off a bit due to all the riders who have stacked onto them. Sticking out tongue

Maybe it's just general wear and tear?

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Walker steps have definitely been dressed with a tool of some kind. Too neatly and uniformly done in too short a period on timber that is hard-wearing to be accounted for otherwise.

I'm going to mention the steps, but I want to focus more on the logs at AHPS.

Anybody? Smiling

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has made an early appearance - I even posted to that thread! I'm going to blame the pain killers as it was only a coupla days after getting the titanium upgrade to my hand courtesy of a certain bogan from North Manly de-biking me on Warringah Road. Sticking out tongue

Thanks for the reminder.

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Jeez, I posted in that thread too! I must be concentrating on other stuff around those steps...!

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