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Ourimbah State Forest Sat 13th Jan 2007

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By davis_jnr - Posted on 09 January 2007

Well after the success of Stuarts Oaks ride I am hitting up Ourimbah state forest.

Where: Red Hill Rd Ourimbah State Forest
When: 8:30am Sat 13th Jan
Directions: (See "Where are we?" picture)

Planning on riding the XC race course several times. One lap is approx 7km and varies from firetrail to tight twisting single trail. One lap should take from 30 to 45 mins.

A medium level of fitness is required to do this ride and the course is aimed at the intermediate to advanced riders. Beginner riders dont be discouraged you should be able to ride plenty of the course. It is much like the latter portion of the Oaks single track....(please correct me if I am wrong).

I am not planning on riding Demtel hill or the downhill course as I want to see if I can manage to do three laps of the XC course.

The drive from the start of the expressway should take 45mins to Red Hill Rd.

Hope to see some of you there, if you have any questions please ask.



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At this stage I'm in!

I like the multi-lap idea!

I need to burn xmas fat Eye-wink


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A beginner would be able to go round the Ourimbah XC no bother. I can't make it but would have loved to, it's one of my favourite spots.

Looking forward to some pics of people rolling down the big drop, if you don't know it already you'll know it when you see it, it's at the bottom of the course maybe 1/3 of the way round, dare you to take the highest line through the middle, an easy but very satisfying roll ;-}

Rob's picture

Pictures coming down the big drop?

You mean like this?

OK, OK - we need more, these were the only two I could find - and that second one's a bit arty Eye-wink

Rob's picture

I think Matt's GF is back in town after months away... and he won't come riding first Saturday morning they have? Come on mate, get your priorities right? Eye-wink

Erm... said Rob, who can't make it either... or can I? Tentative, but must be back home for midday-ish, oh, but no word yet on the Lefty fix either.

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If we are riding on time we should be back before Midday, I alsohave plans, taking the GF out for lunch for her good is she letting me ride on her birthday!!!!

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Count me in. As long as we have a blast through the Rollercoaster (BRING IT ON!!), I don't really mind where we ride.

Somewhere around the XC track (don't know what it's called sorry), there is a massive wooden ramp with included 2m drop-off (no extra charge!) that has an easy Noob trail left and right around it, with the dangerous wooden ramp in the middle.

Matt, was this the drop-off you meant? Or did you mean that massive dirt ramp that Rob has posted photos of?

Matt's picture

There's no 2m ramp drop-off on the XC course (or it wouldn't be an XC course!), you must have strayed onto the DH?

I was referring to that which Rob recognised, given that it's doable!

Matt's picture

If you're really up for it take the line to Rob's right, between the two trees and a bit higher, in the photo he linked to above.

Little-Ditty's picture

Alright Matt, at this stage I will promise to look at it. Whether I have the testicular fortitude to ride down is another thing.

It does look a bit more narly as this other drop-off you refer to has a well worn grove down the middle of it. Makes one concentrate on one's balance, does it not? Sticking out tongue

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The photos Rob posted are of the big roll down - close your eyes, stay off the front brake, weight back a little (a lot if you like bu not necessary) and you go - a lot easier than it looks.

The other drop is on the XC course towards the end of rollacoaster, probably only a metre rather than two and the obvious line is to the right of it so you're unlikely to hit it up accidently,

Rob's picture

This other drop... is that just after you cross the rickety bridge?

From what I recall, there was a roll off down some rocks, but small enough to not really worry about. There was a larger rock just left of here that might be for the mad?

Haven't been to Ourimbah much so excuse if this is a poor description. Remember a few guys standing around to the left on the way by - I never stop here - too pumped from the other section and just want to keep going Smiling

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Good call Sambo
...being your GF birthday....what more could she ask... only go riding half the day...

Mate..your little ripper..told (asked) the missus and it looks like I'm doing the dishes next week..but I will be riding my tail off come satdy morning!

love the ourimbah course...took a couple of dirt naps last time...its fun/techy and has plenty of twists and turns...not too much rock...but its all the lot!


Caro's picture

Sounds like a great plan! Count me in too.

Where are we meeting though? At the gate at the Red Hill entrance, can't remember the street name??

I assume you are giving your GF a MTB for her birthday, then she can come along and no more dramas in the future Smiling!!


davis_jnr's picture

Meet just up the road about 150 - 200m there will be cars parked, always is.... this is where we start and finish.

We bought a bike for her about 6-8weeks ago she's slowly been getting out there on easier trails to get used to the gear thing.

GF is off having a peticure, didnt really fancy one myself.
See you there.


evan's picture

This sounds fun, count me and a mate in.


Caro's picture

Hey Sam

well done getting her a bike Smiling!
You sure you don't want the pedicure Smiling??? Lol!!!!
See you at 8.30 somewhere close to the gate on Lady Penrith Drive (finally remembered the name)

Rob's picture

Hey Caro, the meeting point for Ourimbah is Red Hill Road, which is about 1h30 drive from Lady Penrith Drive.

Erm... yes? I think someone's confused here... that could well be me! Erm... although perhaps it's you! Eye-wink

davis_jnr's picture

Yeah was in the process of double checking myself.

Off the Expressway at the Wyong turnoff.

Turn left in the direction of Yaramalong.

Get onto Yaramalong Rd, you'll know your on the right track when you come to a right angled corner....turn left and pass the grass farms.

Up a small hill and at the bottom on other side of hill is Ourimbah State Forest.

Turn left onto Red Hill rd. 150-200m up the road is where we should meet.

Hope this is not too long winded.

See you there.

Rob you got that bike back yet? Is it with BA? I'm down there tongiht to pick up my newly built DAWG....Need a pick up done...?

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Carolyn, the ride at Ourimbah is up near Gosford. I'm at Hornsby, and it will take me something like just over an hour to get there. Possibly a bit more if I allow a decent margin of error.

Hope to see you all there. Smiling


Rob's picture

Yes indeed, the bike is at BA, but ready to collect. Sure, if you want to grab it that's cool... and pay the bill... and take the front pads out and boil them... and clean the disc.

Sweet - thanks mate!!

Erm... then on the other hand, I may well see you there this eve Eye-wink

Oh - which makes me a tentative for Sat, but would have to be outta there 11am at the latest, and have to arrange a whole load of stuff first.

Caro's picture

Hi guys,

thanks for clearing the confusion, why are there two places called Red Hill anyway??
Not too worried about doing a bit of driving, shouldn't be too bad in the morning, as long as we are going for a bit of a ride -not only an hour or so-, what do you reckon??

Matt's picture

After a little horse trading I can now make this, see you there bright and early.


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I really enjoyed the Oaks run last Saturday, so I am keen to join the Orimbah ride. It is a while since I have done this ride.
I will bring one other (actually he will bring me). We may opt for only two laps depending on the time.


Little-Ditty's picture

Red Hill in Beacon Hill, off Lady Penrhyn Drive. Red Hill Road for the Ourimbah ride. Well, it's just a koinkydink. All too confusing!! Smiling

I will be wanting to ride for at least a minimum of 2 hours. 2 laps, or a lap and some side trails. Seeing we rarely do an Ourimbah run, we should try and make the most of it. Sound good?

I will also be bringing a mate with me on Saturday. Sounds like this will be another massive turn out! Laughing out loud

Matt's picture

There are probably 50 spots in Australia called Red Hill something or other, along with 5000 called 5 mile creek, sandy beach etc... or Frederick Street in the Inner West...

If you haven't figured out that place names in this country are a little too literal to be distinctive then you should be a town planner!

You can kick (red) sand in my face for this tomorrow ;-}

Caro's picture

No worries, that's quite alright Smiling.
I noticed that people here haven't been very innovative reg. names (thought I was in London when I first came cause all the suburb names are the same??).

I figured that there was something wrong when Rob said he hasn't been riding there much Smiling, guess it was wishfull thinking so I could sleep in for once!!

Anyway, all sounds great will find my way now and see you there at 8.30.
Thanks for directions and the guestimate reg. driving time, Liam, and making the most of it sounds great!

Will practice the sand kicking tonight just in case Eye-wink

GAZZA's picture

hey, i havnt rode with you guys yet but am keen to join you tomorrow. just wondering has anyone a rough idea of how long it takes to drive(within speed limits!) from the begining of the freeway to the exit on wyong/old maitland road?

pikey's picture

Allow 30-40 mins

Rob's picture

Pikey is correct... plus another 10 mins from the exit to Red Hill Rd.

What is it? Left, then left, then erm... left? Sure I'll recognise it when I get there Eye-wink

... Who's been to the pub Eye-wink

GAZZA's picture

ive got it on the map, just didnt know how long. thanks. see you in the morning then. ill be in a white ute. i suppose ill just look for a group of people with mountain bikes then! Smiling

Rob's picture

Yeah, think those directions are correct.

Tell Whereis that you want to go to "Red Hill Forest Road, Ourimbah, NSW"

Importantly this is the Wyong Road freeway exit, not the one that's actually marked Ourimbah.

Rob's picture

Love it!

Some of the motion blurred pics came out well, will post later Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

Sam, thanks for "minding" the group today. You did well - top shelf. Hopefully heaps more of these can be organised. Smiling

You wait 'till you see the pictures!!

Caro's picture

Hi there!

Thanks so much for organising this great ride Sam and thanks everybody else too for making it so much fun! Love the trail and can't wait to get back there some time! Hope you are having the best time at bowling!

pikey's picture

I have uploaded all the good pics I have ready for Rob to post.

I need to get some video editing software so I can cut out the good section showing Gary crashing then Liam crashing into him. (Funny) Its 106 mb long

Looking forward to seeing what Rob captured.

My left knee is shot, I'm presently wearing strapping and have taken muscle relaxents.
I cant see me riding tomorrow at the Dam ;-( Stupid tree.



evan's picture

Cheers Sam for a top ride today.
Once again it was a great turn out and a great ride


pikey's picture

Hey Gary and Liam if you sent me your email address I will send you the video of your stacks

or if anybody else wants to see it.

I'm sure Rob can put up videos.

Till then


Little-Ditty's picture

Email address away!! Can't wait to see it!!

Greg, what have you done to your leg? Strapping?? Maybe there may be a "crashes" picture that you should capture and post of yourself? Gee, you hurt yourself and didn't let on. Crazy guy! Sticking out tongue

GAZZA's picture

greg. thanks mate. look on my profile , my e mail is there. look forward to seeing them. thanks.

Little-Ditty's picture

Pretty funny video. Not really the sort of movie you want to star in. Eye-wink Gaz, glad you got out of that okay... and your bike! Mine needed a service anyway. Smiling

Thanks for that Greg!! And Evan, next time, more zoom on the carnage, mate!

Bruce's picture

Thanks to Sam & everyone else. I havent been to Ourimbah before, its my all new favorite ride.

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