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By Matt_B - Posted on 05 February 2010

Whats the likelihood of Ourimbah being in a rideable state tomorrow

Any locals update on how much rain has fallen, trail status etc?

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I was about to ask the same question myself, i am heading there tomorrow if the trail is in rideable condition. Was always wondering about Manly Dam, in case Ourimbah doesn't happen

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Last Sunday it was in a disastrous state! I wouldn't be surprised if it's still out of action given that a fair bit of rain has fallen since then.

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I haven't ridden all week due to the amount of rain we've had.I work & live 10 mins from the track was thinking about going this afternoon until we got a massive downpour which caused flash flooding in the area.I'd say give it a miss @ least until sunday & thats if it doesn't rain anymore.

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I think the majority of Sydney and its surrounds will be no good this weekend. Sad

There's a big low moving in.

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40mls of rain @ tuggerah between 2-3pm today i suspect the trails will be WET.

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thanks all

Was thinking as much, so Saturday with the kids it is

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My Mum, from Scotland, said that if you didn't do your activities in the rain, then you wouldn't do them at all. But she didn't have to replace brake pads after 1 hour of riding either.

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weren't v-brakes so revolutionary

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I went through both pairs to the metal up there last Sunday within the first half lap.

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