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night ride this week?

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By christine - Posted on 22 January 2007

Is anyone up for a night ride either Tuesday or Wednesday evening?
I don't mind where...within reason...

MEE Smiling

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Ooohhh come on Christine we all know you would love to do Cascades Smiling

Terry Hills is always good for a evening/night ride.


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What...were you cruising about when i posted that one?
I don't mind Cascades...would prefer Terrey Hills...YOU don't like Cascades either!!!

Stuart M's picture

Oh, BTW I can't make it but I couldn't help myself Christine.

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We could always do a variation of Terry Hills.
Wednesday would be perfect for me, I get my rear wheel back after being rebuilt Wed afternoon.

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we could do duck ponds and central - that means Jeff, if you see this you need to come as that's one of your favourites!
Shall we meet at 7.30 as its a shorter ride time wise?

MEEE Smiling

Oh! and PLEASE can someone else bring a beer...Greg, you back yet?

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I'm with Stuart and I can't make it either. My dicky knee still needs at least another week Sad


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Craig is keen for cascades on Wednesday night... lucky for me Evan isn't!!
Now, I am thinking I am going to train Cascades in secret then come winter I shall post for a ride there and then 'do a Tien' and power up all the hills!!

hey, i can dream on...

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I'm up for a Wednesday night ride. Name your location!

Need more lights!

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7.30 armed with a beer please!!!
any newbies welcome too...

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Geez, then I have to go out and buy a beer!

How about a bottle of wine? I'll even throw in a brown paper bag!

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I don't think there will be time to drink a whole bottle - unless it's in your hydration pack!
I just realised...we will be minus the Marvellous Light Brigade what will Rob, Stuart and Greg all not coming!!
Craig says he will be there - not that he is any good for lights!! hee hee

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Oh, I'm sure I could crap on about lights enough to make up for their absence.

I have some smaller spare lights if people need them.

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I'm in. It sure beats the bike ride in to work that i was planning! I'll just have to make sure that the lights are working and are charged

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Count me in too. I dont have any lights so not sure if this is going to be a problem I may have to fasten a mag lite to my handle bars just to make do Eye-wink

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Tien never has lights either so you should be ok...Ian said he has some spare ones - much more important is the beer!!!

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Sorry guys, I'm going to have to pike this week.

If you're riding without lights, take it easy!

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Sorry guys might give this one a miss also. Its been to wet today and im not a big fan of riding in the rain.

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You know...It didn’t even rain, however, I hear you are a fast rider so am quite relived you didn’t make it – it was bad enough trying to keep up with the others!! They make it look so effortless.
However, I had a ball but always do on the night rides...must be the alcohol intake!

MEEE Smiling

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