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Canberra weekend away to ride!

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By Tanya - Posted on 27 January 2007

Hi there,
I thought I'd take the bull by the horns and sort some things out for myself. I know I don't know anyone here yet but this seemed like a good way to meet people and combine the kind of rides I know I can do! Is anyone interested in doing a weekend away in Canberra to ride in Majura, Sparrow Hill or Stromlo? A whole weekend is plenty of time to fit in quite a few different sites. And with the hot weather at the moment, the idea of riding in the cool pine forests is very attractive.

I was thinking of a weekend late in Feb or early in March if others are keen but I don't have any date set in my mind. Make a suggestion! I will probably head down there on a Friday night to get started early on Sat morning to make the most of it and head back Sunday afternoon, not too late. I have camping gear so could either do the whole nature thing or pamper my soreness after the ride with a motel/hotel.

So if anyone is keen, let me know and we can go from there based on others' suggestions or interests.

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some cheap accommodation in Canberra for just this thing. However, I think he was planning on March / April. Canberra at this time of year is hotter than Sydney most days of the week and I don't know that the pine forests will give much respite.

I will chase him up and see where he is at with this.


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What a co-incidence. This Canberra ride came up in conversation today, in fact. It sounds like it would be a great ride. I heard good things about Sparrow Hill as well.

I could be tempted on this. But will wait for the details. Good idea though!!

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Yes, Stuart is right, I will organize something for end of March beginning of April, as I'm away from the 16 Feb to 14 March.
One of my clients has a townhouse in Canberra, which sleeps about 10, plus 2 3 seater couches!!!
We can stay there, if we fill up the fridge with beer!!!, well at a very moderate rate.
I will put the details on, after my return.

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Will look forward to hearing some plans.

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Hi Bernd!

sounds like a great plan! Can't you skip Germany and the US Smiling?
But I guess temperature wise it's better later anyway and looking forward to sth is always great!


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Yes, Great plan, No I won’t skip US (Harley Ride in LA and NY…) or Germany (see friends, parents, skiing ….BEER!!!!!)
And yes, End of March, beginning of April would be just great…
See u there. I should get a ride or two in before I go away…. If I wake up!!!
U have done well today!!!

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