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Notice of Motion

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By hawkeye - Posted on 24 February 2010

Councillor daveh has proposed the following motion:

Item 6.2.2:

That the steep boardwalk with the steps at the top be known as Laugesen's Climb.

It's painful and tiring but once it's over, hopefully it's well worth the effort!

Seconded: Councillor Beresford

Do we have speakers for or against, or should we move straight to the vote?

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Straight to the vote son!

That would be a very nice token to Virginia. Could come up with a few other area's to honour the other councillors too... Smiling

ido09s's picture

yep, straight to the vote Laughing out loud

loki's picture

Please don't bring the council chamber's antics to our tracks Smiling

Last night was painful enough and although we appreciate very much the effort the councillors have put in I think the two disciplines should be kept separate.


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This seems like the least we could do as a thank you for Councillor Laugesens hard work.

I propose we vote on the substantive motion and haggle over the exact naming later !


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Good Christ is it any wonder nothing gets done round here.

Last night was an eye opener for sure.

I just wanted to go and bang a few heads together and say get on with it.

When the "walkers on Wednesday and bikers Thursday to Tuesday" amendment went up I think we all lost the will to live.

The groan from the gallery was pretty funny though.

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..hawkeye. I already had an appreciation of what Councillor Laugesen, De Luca, et. al. were putting up with to support us on this but after watching the video fo the night, ouch, times that by 10.

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That section of the track needs a good name and hawkeye's suggestion is worthy

hawkeye's picture

Not my idea, it's daveh's. I'm just giving it a push.

Anyone else to speak? Shall we vote? Eye-wink

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Let's go straight to the vote.

Set up a poll.

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for "Laugesen's Climb"

......Or should the boardwalk be called "Laugesen's Ladder"?!! Smiling

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That the boardwalk section down to the 19th hole be renamed to 'De Luca's Run'

(Does that section even have a name?)

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Additional proposal to the motion, please Mr Chairman....

I respectfully request that the firetrail hill-climb currently known as Heratbreak Hill be renamed Hart's Liability .....

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With regard to the proposed addition regarding renaming Heaert Break Hill: I wish to propose that the letter "e" be dropped.

Heart Break Hill will therefore be renamed as follows:

Hart Break Hill

I will now speak to the foreshadowed amendment:
I believe this name is appropriate as the trail section exhibits a lot of large bumps along the way, some of which threaten to lift the front wheel, diverting some riders from their intended direction and unseating others.

Nevertheless, with perseverence, intense effort and attention to riders' position, it is inevitably conquered by the majority. Eye-wink

I would also like to extend my support to the amendment of the original motion: Laugesen's Ladder has a nice alliterative ring to it.

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I will second that.

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