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Council meeting results: battle won, war still going

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By hawkeye - Posted on 23 February 2010

I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you who turned up. I was the tall corporate looking guy in the black suit two rows from the front with the blue tie.

Your presence and and good humour made a significant difference tonight. I didn't do a count of numbers, but we did indeed pack the chamber, to the point where the mayor invited those standing at the back to take up spare seats at the side. I'd also like to thank Councillors Virginia Laugesen, Vincent De Luca, and Christina Kirsch for their support and sleepless nights spent working to deal with this issue.

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Good work hawkeye. I managed to get there about 6.30 and the place was packed . More drama than teusday night TV. Eye-wink

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Thanks Hawkeye, it was a great evening and I felt proud to be a part of our special mountain biking community.

Thanks for all the work the Nobmob have put in,


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As has been said before, great turnout at council tonight.

Good outcome on opening the track
Good outcome on the volunteer maintenance days
Dissapointing outcome with regard to banning walkers - time for some bridge building and hopefully a mutually beneficial outcome in the review of the PoM.

Much respect to Councillors Laugesen, Kirsch and De Luca for their support, particularly in trying to overturn the ban on walkers. Inclusion is always much harder to achieve than division but it is massively more rewarding.

I'll be sending some short thank you emails and then hopefully leaving their inboxes unmolested for a while !


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I think I have the answer?

Walkers are banned unless they place a stick between their legs and make bike riding noises (not moto noises as that's bad for the environment) and no spinning their feet as that's sure to result in trail erosion and we all know (thanks to an informative DVD shown on Monday night) trail erosion=silting up of the dam.

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Was good to see the inner workings of council - made for a great soap opera! It was excellent news that we got the result we wanted, albeit not the finer details. The last thing we want to do is to alienate the walkers.

I think we all need to email out gratitude seperately to Councillors Laugesen, Kirsch and De Luca. What a great job they did last night under trying circumstances.

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Thanks to Hawkeye & Rob for taking point on this one and everyone else who resisted apathy and emailed council and/or attended the meeting last night. Awesome outcome. I'm going to go out some time today and do some victory laps around the dam!

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effort of the MTB community which brought this to the attention of the councillors - 411 emails in a week is amazing!

I think its a great outcome and with regards to the walkers, while we don't want to block anyone out of the trails most of the walkers up there are local dog walkers who will most probably carry on the same as always...

I learnt from last night that i most certainly do not have the temperament to ever be a counciller, i can't stand all the indecision - gGd! I thought my touch football crowd waffled on and moved slowly - the look like speed demons in comparison!

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Just curious, where are the minutes posted as I can't even find the ones from the 9th February.

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For those of you interested you can actually watch last nights meeting on the Council website:

Link here:


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Flipping heck mate... once was enough. Perhaps you could condense it down into...say... 3 seconds?

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Should've said prefixed it with a 'for Masochists only' warning

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That apstream link totally doesn't work on firefox or IE8

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with IE8 here except the FFWD and RWD aren't the smoothest, and the sound is like BBC World News on the short-wave. Do you have the windows media player plug in?

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Open the following link,, directly in Windows Media Player or similar and it's a lot easier to control to fast forward and rewind.

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It actually worked on my Mac. No special plugins required.

Same issues with the buttons and sound quality however.

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It's in the paper...

I was totally impressed with the turn out. It was great to finally meet some of the nobmobbers..

A big thanks goes to our supporters in council!

Oh found some photos

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Hey cool, thats me in the red shirt at the back...I'm famous!

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escaped notice - whew! Smiling

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