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Massive Northern Beaches Ride - TIME!! : Sat 14th April 8:00 a.m.

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 12 March 2007


One ride I have always wanted to do is connect all of the main Northern Beaches trails together to form a massive link - and ride them all in one day. It would be MASSIVE! The ride would go something like:

- Park at Narrabeen Lake
- Do a Narrabeen Lake lap
- Deep Creek trail
- Oxford Falls (east side)
- Red Hill (if we can fit this in somehow - possibly through the Institute of Sport?)
- Oxford Falls (west side)
- Terrey Hills (Perimeter Trail and Long Trail)
- Then backtrack all the way back to the cars at Narrabeen Lake

The order I have set these up may be wrong (I haven't done this before!), but I am sure you get the gist of it. I may defer to someone else on this that has linked these rides up before. So what would this ride take, about 4 to 5 hours? 60km? Easy!! Smiling Remember, it would be more downhill than up on the way back! Smiling

We could easily get some food afterwards at Collaroy, Narrabeen or North Narrabeen. Or even set up shop for a BBQ near the cars.

At this stage, I am just looking to attract interest in the ride. I will set a date / time based on feedback. As a guess, Saturday April 7th seems like a likely date, given people's full agenda coming up to the dirtworks.

So, sound interesting? Let me know your thoughts. Laughing out loud


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from the end of perimeter trail all the way through to St Ives showground, then the wildflower garden. cross the road at kitchener st into cascades and back into Oxford falls from the top of Wyatt ave.

By the way, count me out of this one.


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hehe....I have been trying to get one of these together while training for flings and things.
Following on from Stuart....
Terrey Hills- Long trail, Waratah, Centre track
Oxford Falls- XC, deep creek
Red Hill
Manly Dam


I have only ever made 2/3rds of this!!

Might be up for it in a while but lacking some motivation at the moment..
Will keep a lookout for further posts.


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hey, im up for it, bring on a big epic!!

good call Liam, get some km's happening without a major uphill climb, count me in.

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Hi Liam,

great idea! Would definately be up for that.
Unfortunately I am going away over easter (fortunately to ride in Jindabyne etc. Smiling ) but if your mega ride ends up being on a date when I am around, count me in for sure.


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Count me in.

Looking at Google Earth, how about;

- Narrabeen loop
- Entry to Cromer via the back of the Sports Center
- Garden of Gullies
- Corner cut
- 4wd Folley
- Wakehurst Pkwy and Morgan Rd
Oxford Falls
- Nursery Rythmes
- Main Track to the O/falls start
- Morgan Rd and Wyatt St
- Cascades
- Heath
- Bare Creek
- Quarry Creek
- Ridgetop
St Ives
- Mona Vale rd to wildflower Garden Start
- Garden Gully
- Ryland Track
- North to Sandy
- Sandy Trail
- Streets(?) to Booralie track
Terry Hills
- Booralie track
- Cullamine track
- Perimeter track
- Street ride to duckholes
- Duckkholes
- (Unnamed single track) Turn right at the gate about 1/3 into the duckholes track. This comes out at Tumburra Rd
- Downhill track that starts opposite Tumburra rd (I rode this 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed it),and joins up with Deep creek.
- Deep creek.
- Wakehurst Pkwy or backtrack through sports academy, jamieson park back to starting point.

I've been working up to doing this ride for the last couple of months. So far I've managed to do all of it with the exception of the Belrose tracks, which I plan to do on Saturday, ST Ives, and the Terry Hills tracks south of the Perimeter track.

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Hey liam,

Nice plan, although I didnt think you liked anything over 30km Smiling

Unfortunately this a very busy time for me, I think we have Lithgow the week before, going home to see my parents for easter plus do some proper hill climbing, then of to Bathurst the week after, followed by GNR hopefully on the 21st.

Wish I could make it, maybe next time! Be sure to let us know how it goes.

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start but not do all of it!!!
wuss i know but hey, i am not a dirtworks starter so can have fun until the Fling!


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Then charge $100 per head, cap numbers at 1000, get council approval, get RTA approval, notify police, get sponsors on board, pay your public liability, book St Johns Ambulance for the day, have shirts printed, run adds in the local paper & Bike mags, get a group of old folk to give directions, maybe give them an odd name like "the dark side". Entice the SES to also help out with a nice donation. Make sure there is a Mr Whippiy at the finish line and finally get the Premier Peter Debnam to start the event.

Doesn’t seam that hard?


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politics and back to the original thread

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sounds like a great day out. I will be in it depending on the date.
WOuld be a great way to check out all the trails in one day.
Bring it on!!


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well, just what a lot of us will need before Dirtworks, but please, please not the 9th of April, the follwoing weekend will be fantastic

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Well, I am not one for "competitions", so I am not actually in any "training". So personally, I am not fussed whether this ride happens before or after these various events some of you guys have on. Possibly Easter weekend is not the right time either - the date of April 7th was just a suggestion given some competitions ppl have over the next 4-8 weeks.

I am happy to hold off on this ride a little longer if this suits more people. As my original post said, I am just checking out the interest. From what I am seeing, there are plenty of ppl wanting to fit in 5 hours (as a guess) of fun. Although Easter weekend Fri 6th to Mon 9th offers a 4 day window to fit something in.

Anyway, how cool would it be to do a quick tour through all our favourite rides in one ride? Awesome.

Bruce, it's all about saving your energy mate! No need to bust a lung riding up the hills champ. Save the energy for the fun downhill bits. On this ride, the way back will be awesome fun. Anyway, you are half-converted now, given your exhibitionist tendancies at the Jump Training the other day. Smiling

For the guys suggesting getting out as far as St Ives/Cascades, I think we will leave that until Part 2. The quoted 80km seems excessive. Excellent for some, to be sure, just not for me. And, I am not a machine. Laughing out loud

Who else is interested?

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I'd love to come along for as much as I can handle....and then reappear for the drinks and BBQ! That sounds tops.

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I think I be with Tanya getting the bbq set up and the beer cold hehe..
5 Hours might be ambitious although no hill work might make it a possibility.

Good luck with it!! Will look forward to the review.


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Well, there wouldn't be that many big hills, would there? It is generally uphill on the way, and more downhill on the way back. Plus, we would not be pausing on our normal ride loops, re-doing bits and pieces that took our fancy. It would be "push on through" from section to section, to get it done. Otherwise it would take 8 hours. Eye-wink

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Tanya and Christine, anyone would be welcome to come along for just part of the ride. I would just be happy for anyone's company along the way. : )

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ive been talking about this kinda ride for ages( and even got in a bit of trouble for talking about some of the "secret tracks" along the way) im in liam. great idea. but remember, there's no down without an up! if we start and finish a ride in the same place then we obviously have done exactly the same amount of climing as downhill so i recon its gonna be a bugger of a ride but great fun and challenging at the same time. BRING IT ON!!!

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I don't think you have to worry about not enough company, everybody want's to go Smiling!! Will keep my fingers crossed that it's gonna be a date when I am around Smiling.

Have fun tomorrow and no rain!

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Yes, on the coarse of this ride, the same up = same down. But starting at Narrabeen, you get alot of the up out of the way in the first half. It's all in the method! Yes, there is method to my madness. Laughing out loud

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Liam mate, Youre completelly right. Should be a great ride anyway. Looking forward to it.

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This is getting interesting! But...

... it's really very hard to follow where these are going, and also know what distance/vertical the route will involve.

When planning routes it's best to either draw them on Google Earth or Maps. The former needs plus subscription and can't be posted easily on the web, so in the interests of making discussion easier around how about this:

1. Visit Gmaps Pedometer (should be centred on Sydney here).

2. Zoom in and out, etc. Draw on your planned route. Read the instructions, but basically, double click marks a point.

3. Hit 'save route' and it will give you a number/link. Post that link here for discussion with the calculated length, etc.

Not only will that give a fairly accurate distance, but will make the routes easier to visualise.

If we get a few, let's make a poll and see who the best marathon route planner is Smiling

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There are heaps of rides planned both in and out of Sydney at the moment, so I was trying to avoid standing on all the toes around here!! Too many good rides, not enough time. So, how are people placed for:

Saturday 14th April?

Possibly a good chance for you poor schmoes to practice some distance riding before you get your ar*es kicked at the dirtworks? Laughing out loud

Post your availability and see if we can fit most people in. Sorry, but given everyone's agenda, some will possibly miss out on this. But we will try! For those that can't go, this is a "sorry" up front.


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I can make it. What start time are you looking at?

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sounds like a fun day!
says she planning to drop out near her house!!

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can't do that date. But as you said, there is now way to make it work for everybody.
Enjoy and tell me the best way to do this trip so I can do it another time!

Have fun!

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Ok, ok you have twisted my arm.
Count me in

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Is in the subject: 8:00 a.m.

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Peter Debnam ????????? dom't that guy?
is he riding with us?
Maybe u should sent him to Germany......

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think i might be keen if im off that day (not sure yet) but, is it a training specific ride or a bit of a social number? ie/ am i fine to bring up the rear and take it at a leisurely pace or are you all going for max heart rate machinedom? Eye-wink

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Hiya Liam,

I'm now a maybe for this.


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I am not expecting to push an overly fast pace on this ride. Easy to do for an hour or two. But quite a bit harder for 5 of more hours. This is not supposed to be a training run. If it was purely up to me, the ride will be slower on the hills on the way up towards Terrey Hills, and faster on the way back. Go the downhill baby!!

Rob, I will try to investigate the maps this week and determine a likely route that properly connects all the dots. Hopefully something simple will present itself. If this works, I will post it for viewing.


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ok i'm maybe in then if thats cool?, can i suggest i have done a couple of runs with truthman on the site, he starts in cromer, and a good route is to start at red hill near the trail that comes up to the burnt out car, go through the sand pit through the motorcross bit down the 4wd folley bit right down to the trail that goes down to wakehurst parkway, follow it to morgan rd, go to the top of ox-falls, and ride down to the waterfall and ride out the deep creek trail- from there you come out at narrabeen lake and the whole thing becomes a nice loop- it works quite well so you may want to incorperate some of that into your route? just thought id throw it out there!

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But it is not long enough. However you have described part of what I propose to do on Saturday. I still want to fit in Terrey Hills in this loop. Thanks Alex! Eye-wink

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I was really looking forward to doing my second ride with nobmob, but I won't be able to make it.
All the recent posts about bike maintenance inspired me to pull the Trek apart tonight and give it a good clean, only to find out that the cogs on my derailleur are very pointy and need replacing as well as the brake pads have also worn down and need replacing.

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Me and some friends do a loop of around 50km every now and then, it's usually something like this:

We start in Cromer, from there we hit the trails to Red Hill, there we do the various trails down to Wakehurst parkway near the turn off for Oxford falls. Then ride along the road up through Oxford Falls (Nursery Ryhmes option) to the powerstation at Belrose, do the firetrails from there to St Ives, hit the fire trails behind St Ives Showground which take you all the way to Terrey Hills (some of these are not marked on nobmob maps), then go along the road for a bit until we meet the Perimeter track, go along that to the Eastern end, (we sometimes stop at Terrey Hills for lunch at this point) then we head off to the Center track or Duck Holes track, and then to Chiltern track, and eventually end up in Ingleside near the Bahai Temple, and take the fire trails/single tracks (not marked on nobmob maps) from there down to Deep Creek which takes you to Narrabeen Lake, and follow the trail around the lake back to Cromer.

The majority of this loop is off-Road trails, some trail linking along roads, plenty of fire trails, single track, downhills etc... Some of the tracks are not marked on the Nobmob map.

Anyway, this is the ride we do, hope it gives you some ideas for this Saturday... Jamieson park at Narrabeen lake sounds like a good starting point.

UPDATE: Unfortunatley I can't make it this Saturday, just got a call from work, will be working until about 2pm.

Have a good ride!

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