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Another riding holiday - Canberra or Melbourne

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By Ian - Posted on 15 March 2007

I'm thinking of doing a short mountain biking holiday; the candidates so far are Canberra and Melbourne.

Canberra has lots of good trails very close by. I could probably spend most of a week exploring, if only there was something to entertain me for the time that I wasn't riding!

I'd also like to do Melbourne - there's lots of non-MTB stuff to do - but I can't find much info on trails in the area. There's Lysterfield Park, and - well, lots of gravel paths 'suitable for mountain bikes', according to the government websites. I don't know if Melbourne has anything that's even worth riding.

So I guess I have a few questions:
- Is anyone else interested in doing such a trip?
- Does anyone know if there's any good mountain biking in Melbourne? There appears to be some stuff around it (> 80km from the city) but I can't find much within the city apart from Lysterfield Park.

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on the boss and her travel plans, given enough notice I think I could work something out. That said I'm probably not the fitness level you were looking for.

FWIW I would go no further than Beechworth. Lots of trails around here, couple of good pubs in down, cheap MTB friendly accomodation. There is also Bulla to consider.

Also Bernd is going to organise a trip to Canberra when he gets back from OS, probably a 3 or 4 day event. he should be home soon.

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I would be interested in a Canberra ride. But as Stuart said, Berndt is looking at this over the next couple of months or so and was going to post some details about agenda, etc. From what I remember of this prior Topic, there were a number of ppl keen on it. Canberra sounds like great fun. Plus I would have some ppl to catch up with down there too.

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