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Angry Doctor & Irate Intern 2010

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By Rob - Posted on 09 June 2010

Sunday, 5 September, 2010 - 07:00
9 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Mogo State Forest
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Mogo village would be as good as any.



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Heckler, Buck, Lach, scottm8, D-on, Nick R, Deano, Brian, CB, philberesford, Chris S, Glen, PIVOT MACH 5, Jandrew, VC, Bikeboy, obmal, Antsonline, loki, Dicko, doc, king_nelly, Fatboy, Ed, Azzking, CookPassBartridge, Jeff, ps, lambur9er, gillyfish, chrischris, lorchio (32 riders)
Heckler Buck Lach scottm8 D-on Nick R Deano Brian CB philberesford Chris S Glen PIVOT MACH 5 Jandrew VC Bikeboy obmal Antsonline loki Dicko doc king_nelly Fatboy Ed Azzking CookPassBartridge Jeff ps lambur9er gillyfish chrischris lorchio
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hairylittlehobbit's picture

As anyone left accommodation as late as me that whats to share a cabin or something, Just PM me.

CookPassBartridge's picture

Can I please just apologies in advanced to all the people I will be holding up? I plan to wear a 'Slow Moving Vehicle' sign to give you a clue!

Really looking forward to it!

Brian's picture

You picked a nice and easy one for your first one Eye-wink

CookPassBartridge's picture

I trust that wasn't sarcasm Brian? Eye-wink

In for a penny, in for a pound as they say in the motherland...

BT's picture

And now I know what to expect, I have realised that I am nowhere near ready enough for this year's race, so I've sold my entry. Sad

Brian's picture

to quote them

We said it last time and we will say it again - it will be a challenge. The Angry Doctor will 'rip your legs off' but it will be worth every bit of pain. The Irate Intern 50km is the first 50km of the 100km course and covers 1,400m of total climbing. The Angry Doctor 100km event will pass through the event hub at Mogo at the 50km mark and then head out on a separate 50km loop containing the famous Maulbrooks single track. Total climb for the 100km course is 2,850m.

CookPassBartridge's picture

Any idea of what the terrain is going to be like? How does it compare to Capital Punishment (not as much rain, I hope!)?

Rob's picture
Bikeboy's picture

That the last 30 odd k of the Angry Doctor 100 k was in the same condition as the Capital Punishment course a week ago

No more rain now please , i couldnt do it again my bike would never speak to me again

Lach's picture

Since that race in Canberra, I've replaced the following on my Prophet - rear wheel & hub, rear pads, bottom bracket, front pads, rear shock bushing, chain, rear cluster, middle ring front, derailleur jockey wheels. Some of that was going to happen this year anyway, but I can't afford too many races like that.

Mind, you if the tracks at Mogo are as dry and dusty and the weather as hot as it was last year, that won't be too much fun either.....

There's no pleasing some people Smiling

lorchio's picture

This is my first race also. Really looking forward to the challenge. Fingers crossed it wont be raining.

Brian's picture

It's not looking good. Hoping the clouds miss the track. When I went down in 2008 it rained driving down but missed it Mogo all together.

VC's picture

pleeeeeeease dont rain , i aint spendin' that much on my bike again...FULL STOP...!!!!!

Nick R's picture

From memory those trails in Mogo drained pretty well. There was a fair bit of rain in the lead up to the 2008 Angry Doctor and the track stayed in pretty good shape - a couple of muddy bits but nothing too bad. Given its so hilly and there is a lot of tree cover it should still be OK unless it buckets down hard on the day.

CookPassBartridge's picture

Thanks for the advice re the course conditions.

In response to 'the last 30km of the Angry Dr trail are in similar condition to Cap Punishment this year'...

I was considering getting some big a$$ knobbly tires given the lack of traction during 50km Cap Punishment (I'm currently running Bontrager XDX, liccle knobbles, good on compact trails).

Given, however, this is my first 100km, that I've apparently picked a real punishing course for my first 100km, AND I doubt I'll make it to the last 30km of the course, I think I'll keep my current set up which has less grip in mud, but much less rolling resistance. I think I'll need all the help I can get!

Sinkes's picture

to everyone this week in the enduro, sadly i won't be there....looking forward to all the race reports, plus hearing about plenty of PB's.
Good Luck and safe travels.

philberesford's picture

The forecast has changed from rain to late thunder

Keep watching the skies!

CookPassBartridge's picture

... it will be Sunny, with a low of 10oC, high of 20oC with a 20% chance of rain, and a 100% chance of sore legs.

Lach's picture

tonight they are saying Sunday at Bateman's Bay (reasonable proxy for Mogo) is 8-20 degrees, very windy overnight, easing a bit during the day. 50% chance of rain but <1mm. Some rain forecast for days leading up to Sunday, so hopefully just enough to cut the dust and make it grippy (he says optimistically..... Smiling )

Antsonline's picture

Word from reliable locals (who have today been riding over sections of the course) is that its not wet at all. In fact, it will be super fast and they reckon on both male and female course records getting dusted this weekend. They had a teensy bit of rain overnight, but that has just sped up the corners.

Semi-slicks locked in.
Bring it on!

Fatboy's picture

Awesome, I'll have a crack at the record! Ok so maybe Lewi and Dan might just beat me to the line. At least I'll get better value for money then them being able to spend an extra couple of hours riding for my entry fee!

Light weight bike - check!
Small block 8's - check!
Food - check!
Spares - no bugger that, they're too heavy!
Rider with racing snake physique - not exactly! Legs will be pumping like pistons to move the rotund middle aged wannabe back to Mogo before dark!

Bring it on alright!

CookPassBartridge's picture

Given the weather is looking a little rubbish, and given I got caught out during Capital Punishment... I've just bought a spare set of knobblies for this... I'm secretly praying for rain!

Brian's picture

Crossmarks front and rear for me Smiling

hawkeye's picture

Saturday is rain and wind. For Sunday, fine with a top of 21.

Lach's picture

Hopefully the 100km guys will remove all the sticks, trees etc that blow down overnight so we slackers in the 50 km can get a good run at it....

LadyToast's picture

Hard to believe that last year was 35 degrees, good luck all!!

Logan's picture

To all the riders, sounds like it is gonna be tough.

Buck's picture

Omg the wind......unbelievable. The rain is the least of my worries now

Lach's picture

fine and sunny but serious wind gusts. Felt like the beach house we are staying in was going to end up in Broulee harbour last night. No power this morning. Doubtful if winds will abate enough for State Forests to let the event go ahead, but we'll see......

Fatboy's picture

The highway between Batemans Bay and Mogo looks like a war zone. Large trees down everywhere. There are places where trees cover 4 lanes of road and you need to go into the gravel to get past.

If the race does go ahead it will be a fight to see who can stay awake the longest. The winds were that strong last night there wouldn't have been a single competitor who would have slept. But I'm betting on it being cancelled and am planning which vineyards to visit on the way back through the southern highlands...

Rob's picture

Yeah - this event is cancelled Sad

Word is they might let people do a 20km loop at midday.

Man, I feel bad for everyone down there. Drive home safe!

evan's picture

What a bummer for all those that travelled down there. The event organisers would be spewing as well. What a difference 1 yr makes.
Hope they get to ride the 20Km loop. Awesome tracks down there.


ar_junkie's picture

Man, I feel for AROC!
Last year's AD was ultra toasty, CP this year was a mud fest and now this year's AD gets canned due to wind...

Surely the next event will be perfect or will that be plagued by a freak snow storm?

Lach's picture

on the 15-20km loop - maybe the maulbrooks loop by the sound of it. No power here, so need to get out of the house anyway....

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