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Bikeminded are tops

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 18 June 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

3 cheers for the LBS

Just got my OS order and had a go at putting on my Goodridge full length housing
of course I made a complete hash of it and it wouldn't shift more than 2 gears

After a small tantrum I admitted defeat and took it up to Bikeminded on the highway at Wenty
Tristan, who was about to have lunch, fixed it on the spot (Simon and Aub were busy with other bikes)
I felt a bit better as it was a very fiddly job that took about 15 minutes+

The result is it runs beautifully (within the limitations of the derailleurs)

i won't say how much he charged because I don't want anyone to take advantage
Let's just say no moths managed to escape from my wallet

Also, a mate of mine bought some brand new Reba's online
Took them up there, and they installed them with no attitude
And at a price he was happy with

Thanks guys

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It is the exact reason that Mel and I ride with there jerseys, i am very fussy with my bike stuff( mog will testify to that ), and these blokes turned an old air shock into a thing of beauty, for a very cheap price into the bargain, they always look after Mel and I with our gear and clothing needs, so much so that i know go to them 95% of the time, instead of 50% of the time off the internet.
Aubry is a top bloke, i have raced with him at the mont and although he is miles faster, he made me feel very comfortable riding at my pace, Simon is also a top bloke too, although i only know him through the shop and on 1 or 2 social rides, Tristan is a special case to mention, this bloke works his arse off to make this shop successful, so much so that he misses a lot of racing, this blokes attention to detail with repairs to your bike is awesome, i cannot recommend these guys enough!
I will also be paying Flynny's Insane shop a visit in the near future, Mel and I will be in the market for a shared medium sized downhill bike in the near future!

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There are some beautiful bikes in there

Are you still thinking a GT Todd

I know everyone has a Giant, but they make some great bikes
And for all the Giants around, I have never heard of one breaking
(never heard GT's breaking either)

i think it was a faith they had just inside the door
But i was mostly looking at a 5'' trance

but I'm just dreaming

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I had a similar experience where I completely screwed up my RD settings and couldn't get them back to how they were...Took my bike down to the LBS and I watched as they re-adjusted everything better than before. It took them all of five minutes and it made me feel very inept!

It wasn't Bikeminded though. Smiling

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Nice to hear a good news LBS story. Especially regading the lack of attitude around helping people clean up after getting into trouble with internet purchases.

If more bike shops viewed these pleas for help as an opportunity to impress prospective clients with real service, they'd have less cause to complain about internet outlets taking their market share.

The result of their good attitude and attention to detail is that they have now thoroughly earned your customer loyalty.

Any bike shop operators out there, take note: this is how you turn a lost sale into a long term customer who is loyal to your business. Smiling

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Just got my bike from belrose bikes after putting it in after capital punishment

Adrian is great - bike sorted ready for this weekends husky

again most of my parts come from os - but no attitude from the store at all.

These guys will continue to have my bsiness - great friendly service and always happy to help. - even offered to stay back on a Friday night if I couldn't get out from work on time

thks Adrian


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can't recommend these guys enough, when it comes to mechanical stuff, i'm totally useless, which is not too good when i buy most of my stuff online.I take my bike to these guys for all my services & to fit parts, never a problem always happy to help, & a fair price too.
So if you live on the northern end of the central coast give these guys a go. NO I DON'T WORK FOR THEM.

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As BikeMinded are my LBS, I have bought a couple of bikes from them in the past three years - I try to do most of the maintenance myself but when I have had something done they do a great job. The attention to detail by Tristan on the last bike prior to delivery was outstanding - shortened the way too long brake lines for nix which really tidies up the front of the bike. It is really important to build a relationship with these kind of guys - you can learn a lot and it'll mean the difference between riding on Sunday because they were able to help you on Saturday with some part or problem or sitting around looking at your busted bike.

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Ive got to put in a mention for Flynny at insane cycles.
He is my local and always does an awesome job when ever i drop my bike off.

I got the bearings replaced for my rear swing arm and he even fully cleaned and polished my bike for me.
I reakon that it looked better than when i first picked up the bike!
Even installed my Fox 36's with no questions asked.

You cant beat the local bike shop for advice and help when its needed.

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with comments like these, i'd happily sell up and move to the mountains!! tent anyone?

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I'd move to Lithgow as they are obviously the most civilisated locale of the mountainous type ... ie, they have a KFC

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I've had heaps to do with Bike Minded, and Tristans attention to detail is second to none. Orbs is a top bgenuine bloke, and the whole shop is riders.
But that's not taking anything from Flynny on the other side of the hill, good shop, and he puts heaps back into the riding comunity.
I'm sure neither would be too excited about taking internet parts there though, and fair enough.

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These guys have developed this shop and the riding community since they have been in business. I was a little sceptical when they first turned up a few years back, but they have won me over with their great service and willingness to grow the sport up here.

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Hey Al, may be we can plant the seed for the old sewerage works, i luv my zinger burger!

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