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Forum round up

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By Rob - Posted on 25 June 2010

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Well done to everyone who competed in last weekend's Husky Enduro 2010. Especially the first timers and those posting impressive times. Sounds like a great event, but where were the pictures? Sticking out tongue

Camera work was not lacking at Glenrock though, when sammydog and crew showed off their latest trailwork from last weekend. When will we get the chance to do this on the Northern Beaches? Who knows, but at least Warringah Council began their PoM meetings this week so here's hoping they take note of the great feedback given. Whilst nrthrnben reminded us to help out our interstate riding buddies, but time is running out - like today!

For those feeling a little flush, Rob asked if anyone knew of any worthy bike related charities, and had a couple of suggestions. Of course, sometimes just entering an event is the way to go. Don't forget this year's Woodford to Glenbrook Classic is on this Sunday. It may be too late to get an entry, but just be aware if you plan on riding the Oaks this weekend - Sunday morning is probably out, and take care of walkers all day.

With the trails still pretty damp in our area, the pick of this weekend's riding will probably be craked's just another manic menai or <cough>the blackstuff... again!</cough>. Or if you can't get up to the mountains this weekend, but maybe fancy a late night on Wednesday, the BMORC guys will be going for a night ride - Glenbrook to the Oaks then.

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Nobmob got a mention and a photo on Page 16 of 'Coasting Lifestyle' - the Warringah Mall mag in that was in the Daily this morning. - page 8 in teh online version.

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Rob, now you have really made it, FLY, I knew there had to someone who reads that insert!

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