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Good news week

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By Rob - Posted on 01 July 2010

The sun is shining at last, with this and other news giving us a real feel good factor this week.

Flynny reports that CTMBC have a $30K Grant awarded to help build new DH. While this will be a little far (Lithgow) for most here, the other big news out of the mountains is that the outcome of the Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) meeting was a great result. Basically, it seems that BMCC have voted to develop some authorised riding trails up in the Blue Mountains. Well done to everyone on that campaign!

Given this week's dry weather we have a local off road ride in the calendar after what seems like too long! To ease back into things, come alone to Super Easy Terrey Hills this weekend Smiling

Or will you be back on the training regime? With readers noting that Scott 24hrs entries are open. If a 24hr is too full on then consider that Highland Fling entries open - but be quick with both of these! Or what to race this weekend? Saturday sees Rd 1 - Rocky Trail MTB GP Series 2010 - 4H+8H at Awaba. Great course to begin what should be a great series.

Finally some popular chat from the forum (as shown in the new recent hot listing): nh asked (maybe optimistically), What is my bike worth?, we had a bit of fun guessing where this Reading material was located, were reminded that changing Shifter Cables should be done regularly while clipless pedals and brakes threads seem to cause as much debate as usual.

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Updated with working links. Smiling

EDIT: Except the brakes link at the end...

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... Sticking out tongue

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So good to read about the DH track at lithgow - such a long struggle to get a very simple DA passed through Council.

Great job by Flynny, CTMBC and all those involved.

I cant wait to have a run when the track is finished!

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Yeah, and HMBA have funding for some facilities at Awaba too...

Now... where's all the good news for Sydney riders?.... erm.... anyone?....

... I guess the fact that they haven't made bike racks illegal will have to do Sad

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