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What's happening this week?

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By Rob - Posted on 08 July 2010

Well - it's that time of the year again when Aussie cyclists become slightly bleary eyed. Even the usually bike un-friendly Sydney media seem to be devoting some time to the event. Yes, I mean it's TdF time again. There's a tiny bit of chat over on the road site but things haven't really got going yet - some can't wait for this weekend's mountain sections. Ooops... enough of that though - for now Eye-wink

Last weekend turned out to be glorious, and hope everyone got back to enjoying what we love. There were certainly a lot of smiling faces on the Super Easy Terrey Hills ride and elsewhere. After one of these rides though, someone is considering Doing Duel (think he means 'Going') - and received plenty of advice on the subject. Some could do a lot worse than try the latest incarnation of the Lefty up front. Then, for those that have 'Done Dual' already, tips on keeping them discussed here.

Elsewhere in the region, that first Rocky Trail MTB GP took place at Awaba. There was also good news for this track as HMBA receives funding for toilets at Awaba. No more need to make like a bear Eye-wink

Not sure I should tempt fate by mentioning this weekend's riding. If the weather holds it will be Terrey Hills Train-ish-ing... if not... well - there's plenty of sleep to catch up on Eye-wink

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