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HMBA receives funding for toilets at Awaba.

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 03 July 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Yesterday HMBA received confirmation from the Dept of Spor and Rec that we would be receiving a grant for toilets at Awaba.

This is great news for the club and will contribute to a much needed amenity at the Awaba trails.

The club had resolved to go ahead with the toilets at the last committee meetings, so the grant will allow funds that had been allocated to the project to be diverted to the new expanded carpark, new shuttle turnaround and ultimately the next phase of trail design and construction.

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Awsome news!

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Awesome news on the amenities, but when will they be joined by hot showers and a pub? Eye-wink

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Anyone that doesn't take a few beers (aka mobile pub) with them riding is missing a big chunk of the riding experience.

As for the showers, sure we can arrange to have a bucket of boiling water on site. Might get a bit festy after a few uses.

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A festy bucket of tepid water. Sold! Eye-wink

Good point on the beers.

Of course I was joking, but tell you what - a couple of BBQ pits would kick ass if you had some spare bricks lying around after Smiling

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Unreal. I love this place! I'll be interested to see if they are locked up 99% of the time.

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my fave riding area will not be soiled like other areas I ride by my quick way to lighten my bike!!

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TMI! Barf! LOL!

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never been like a bear in the woods, always carry bog roll & dry hand cleaner in kit.Proper Preparation & Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

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... I've gotten soft in me old age. Eye-wink

It's still TMI Laughing out loud

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Always gotta carry half a coil! You just never know...

Mind you, I took it out for the 4 hr today, in attempt to make it as light as possible... hahah

Awaba is such a top track!

Top news!

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She's all go at Awaba, what a great family day out this will be.
BBQ........a ride.......... and a few beers to finish it all off, what a day.
And all the while having the luxury of these new facilities, awesome news.

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There is talk that the toilet doors will auto-close and self lock and anyone that wants a key can purchase it from the club for a token amount. That way someone out there will almost always have a key and it should keep out the vandals. Just a theory at this point so feel free to poke holes in it, but I think it might be the best compromise.

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Given the amount of vandalism of other public toilets in the watagans, they will have to be locked. As pi!!wizard said though, the chances ona key carrying club members not being out there will be low. I suspect the only time people will have issues will be at night or on days it's too wet to ride.

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So where's this at these days?

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Going through the final approval process.

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