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AMBC Trailbreakers - Intermediate XC Clinic

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By AMBC - Posted on 20 July 2010

Sunday, 29 August, 2010 - 09:00
6 hours
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SMS/PM me before to confirm.
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Awaba State Forest
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Just up Jenkins Road from corner with Mount Faulk Road.


Who is this course for?

Building on from our Knobblies and Trail Bunnies courses, this course takes the experienced rider to new levels. Whether you are a weekend warrior who can tackle some drops/logs, rutted out tracks and/or the occasional step up or techie descent, or a XC racer who wants to refine some technique and maintain momentum .. Trailbreakers will have you leaving your mates behind in your dust.

We'll focus on your weight distribution, body positioning, bike control and technique so that you learn to ride technical with finesse rather than brute strength. You'll learn that it's about control, dynamic movement and traction, rather than speed and muscling the bike into submission. You'll learn to maintain and manage your speed, read the trail and pick your line, and carry speed through obstacles and corners. All up, you'll come away riding like you've always dreamed.. you'll look like you know what you're doing to!

How do you know if you're ready for this course? We encourage you not to overestimate your ability - this is a technical course and requires skills beyond the basics. Attendance at one of our Knobblies or Trail Bunnies courses at least 3 months previously will definitely give you a 'yes'. If you haven't done one of these, then you need to be able to answer 'yes' to at least 5 of the following skills. If you can't, then you really need to give Knobblies or Trail Bunnies a run first:

~Use 'ratcheting' to manouvre through tight corners without putting your footdown
~Be confident with clipless pedals
~Descend on loose or steep descents
~Negotiate a log or gutter using bunnyhop or front/back wheel lift
~Negotiate a log or gutter using pedal (or ratchet) kick
~Use and understand gears well
~Understand how to read a line and follow it

The course

This course is specifically designed for the experienced rider who is looking to improve their technical skills. It focuses on technique, control and body positioning to bring your riding to a new level. Trailbreakers aims to improve your balance, technical aptitude, speed and skills and builds on the fundamental 'Toolkit' to a technical level. A good level of experience is required to participate in this course, and it certainly is not aimed at the novice rider or person who lacks confidence.

What you will learn

~Setting up your bike properly for XC & enduro terrain
~A quick review of the fundamentals
~Cornering at speed & how body position relates to traction
~Balance & track stands
~Logs, obstacles and combinations - bunny hops, pedal kick
~Pre-jumps & jumps
~Medium rolls and drops
~Step ups - using momentum, line choice, body position, weight distribution
~Technical & steep climbs - gear selection, line choice, body position
~Technical & steep descents - loose terrain, line choice, speed management


Brad Mertens

More Details

Cost ~ $140

Click here to book or give us a call on 0427 207 937!

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tq333 Thanks Brad! Had an excellent 'Trailbreakers' skills session with Brad Mertens today. Spent the morning focusing on track stands, ratcheting, slow turns and bunny hops. We also spent time looking at bike set-up - I received some great tips on tire pressure,...

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HMBA web site says there is???

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I was planning to take some friends from england for a ride around Awaba on sunday ( they are new to MTB )will this still be posable or will we get in the way.

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The afternoon would be fine, but it is club racing in the morning.

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What time in the afternoon would be best

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XC racing is normally done by 11:30. The dh trail will still be on use but that won't be a problem if your riding xc.

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Thank you will try after lunch may get there a bit earlier and whatch the race and down hill maybe take a few photos

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