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So near but so far.....

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By Antsonline - Posted on 28 July 2010

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3 Ring Circus 2010
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oh man! I felt great, attacked on the 2nd loop and was leading the race by nearly a minute at the start of the 3rd loop. I checked my shoulder and saw the chase group. By the bottom of the big climb (the water crossing) they had caught me. I couldnt go with Rowney or Miller, but managed to keep the distance from growing. From the top, I was flat out, and saw 2nd place the whole way home. 15seconds ahead, and I could do nothing about it!
Still - delighted with 3rd.
It was a hell of a race and one of my favourites.

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Podium finish overall, you got to be stoked with that!

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You're a freak Antsonline! How the hell did you keep that pace with those never ending climbs in the last 15km?

Did you see what happened to Lewi? I heard he crashed and noticed none of the Rockstars finished so must have stopped for him?

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He got quite a knock and ended up in Goulburn Hospital Sad

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Thanks for the freak comment. The problem is, I didnt keep the pace going! I would have won if I had!
Still - that leaves some room for improvement.

Re Lewi - he stacked on a waterbar. He was ok, Troy stopped with him, so did Andy (Fellows) we all just rode on slowly together till we knew the ambulance was on its way, at which point we were all fairly happy that we could do no more, so the racing was on again. I attacked hard and got my gap. I just couldnt hold it.

Poor Pete Hatton was on the final wooded climb with me and Rowney and he got a stick caught in his mech, and pulled it all off - doh! Brent was gone by then, so it left Paul and I, but I just couldnt close him down after he surged...

See you at Stromlo for the Choc foot race....

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