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Oaks trail night ride

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By Benny-B - Posted on 05 August 2010

Hi All,

I did a night ride a few months ago with a group on the Oaks trail and thought that i might organise one for the folks here. I find it a much more interesting trail at night time, but chilli at the moment.

I thought I would plan this in advance for a late August or early September.

There is a train around 7pm so we should be on the trail about 8pm and finished up around 11pm. The idea is social, so a stop along the way for some snacks and a few stories would be good around the picnic area at the beginning of the single track. Any suggestions for a date (preferably a Friday night) and some ideas about caps on numbers would be welcome and hopefully we can post the ride within the next week to give people plenty of notice and time to organise.

Any suggestions are welcome........

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Pick a full moon

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