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Highland fling ride alternatives

Hi all,
I will be accompanying a friend who in turn is accompanying a friend who is racing at the Fling. I was hoping to be able to ride while we wait for the racing friend to finish, but looking at the course map and not being to familiar with the area I'm not sure if this is possible.
Does anyone know if this is practical? My other option was driving back towards Welby and spending the morning riding the trails there.

Suggestions to alternative riding in the area is much appreciated.

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andersons and oaks ride to beat the winter blues!

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Friday, 1 June, 2012 - 07:26
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Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Keen to do the The Oaks so we meet at Glenbrook.


The pace will be "medium social" - This will mean several short stops will happen at the creeks, KOMs and the helipad, though besides that I want us to be able to move along at a body warming pace, so it'd be preferable to ride with people with a established degree of fitness.

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whats your favourite "train track"?

Hi everyone
looking for ideas. let me know where your favourite single/tech track is that you can reach by taking the train system in sydney. Im in crows nest and took the train to Woodford the other day to do the "Oaks Trail" . fairly long journey but worth it (love the swim at the end). would like to hear your ideas. cheers Rich.

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Any one night/ two day rides in the hunter valley?

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Me and my buddy are looking towards going for a ride up in the hunter valley for one night and two days. We were wondering if there are any good trail networks where we could ride on and do a big loop. We were considering Pokolbin or Barrington. Any help please?

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Lane cove very soon, anyone?

I've never ridden lane cove before, but have some time to go ride and its right down the street, so I'm thinking I will check it out this afternoon. On the off-chance any interested parties read this in the next 10 or so minutes (sorry), if youd like to join that would be awesome!


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oxford falls

Saturday, 9 April, 2011 - 12:00
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Oxford Falls (Morgan Road)
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Morgan Road, Belrose. At the second 90 degree right hand bend in the road. There's an area just before you can park and a firetrail heading off to the left.... i guess. if anyone wants to change this we can accommodate.

-33.722089,151.228969 (Morgan Road)

Hey guys. Just trying to organise a ride at oxford falls for the 9th of april. I will be making my way there from sydney city so if anyone wants to tag along for the trip you are more than welcome. Details are ready to chance (apart from date) to accommodate for you.

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New mtb'er. has own gear and wants/needs to get involved. anyone up to go for a ride sometime?

Hey. my name is bradley. I recently got a hardtail mtb. i realise this bike is not best suited for downhill or mtb'ing. BUT even still i love mtb'ing so i want to go for a ride with someone anytime. saturday is usually the best. EARLY IS GOOD. I do not have a car but am pretty good with trains and getting places. i live in inner city (sydney). Someone please lend a moment for a new kid, i know you were like me at one point.

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Newbie needs riding partners ...

Hey I'm just getting into MTB riding really keen, trying to ride once a weekend at least, but I need some people to ride with? I think these group rides that are posted up here might be too technical for me to start with so I may not keep up. If anyone's keen on a few MTB rides with a newbie let me know !

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Oaks trail night ride

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Hi All,

I did a night ride a few months ago with a group on the Oaks trail and thought that i might organise one for the folks here. I find it a much more interesting trail at night time, but chilli at the moment.

I thought I would plan this in advance for a late August or early September.

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Manly Dam

Has anyone been round the dam today ? I am curious to see what conditions are like after last nights rain otherwise i will go hit terry hills

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