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whats your favourite "train track"?

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By ric088 - Posted on 06 March 2012

Hi everyone
looking for ideas. let me know where your favourite single/tech track is that you can reach by taking the train system in sydney. Im in crows nest and took the train to Woodford the other day to do the "Oaks Trail" . fairly long journey but worth it (love the swim at the end). would like to hear your ideas. cheers Rich.

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Back in the days when I didn't have a car I. Engadine was pretty much the only spot near Sydney where I can jump off the train and immediately hit the dirt road.
You can explore the whole Royal National park trails from there.
Not overly technical but there are some nice flowy singletracks

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Living in the Northern Beaches we are not exactly blessed with transport options when you want to ride (evenings/public holidays/weekends) and there is no train! Unfortunately that pretty much leaves driving as the only option to get to most trails, even those that you then access via train (such as The Oaks).

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By Engadine do you mean the Royal National Park or Lucas Height?
My favourite, before I didn't too had a car, was Knapsack Reserve (Knapsack Reserve)…

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But.. Living on the North Beaches you are blessed with... The Northern Beaches, where all trails are an easy ride to and from and so many of which hook up nicely together making it as long or as short a day in the saddle as you like Smiling

I miss living on the beaches Sad

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Definitely not complaining about living here! The are some good trails close by, they don't quite link up with each other but there is some excellent work being done by Simon and a number of other people to rectify this. I like the idea of jumping on a train and then riding back but something that is not to be in my lifetime where I live.

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But you can link up almost all of them like...

The Dam
Cascades, Heath, Quarry etc
Warrimoo, St Ives, Wildflower Garden, Showgrounds etc
Sandy, Duffys, Terrey Hills, Duck Holes, Centre Track etc
Oxy, Red Hill, Narrabeen etc

Takes a while tho, but worth it Smiling

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My fave "train" track would be Oaks. That would be because it's the only one I've done that fits the criteria Sticking out tongue Despite having to drive an hour to get to the train.

Living a stones throw from the Dam I know I'm spoiled, but I'd probably be riding a roadie otherwise and would be deeply suspicious of this hairy legged mountain biking caper Eye-wink

+1 to Phil's comment about linking them up. Cascades -> Snives Sniggle -> Terrey HIlls -> return is fun for something different.

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My Fav train track was Old Bathurst rd. I miss it.

RIP Old Bat, RIP

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been scouring google earth and was wondering has anyone tried riding from berowra station down the berowra walking track and meeting bobbin head trail?

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I did this the other way around years ago. Nice scenic place to walk the bike, but not much of a ride. Under current arrangements it is clearly a walking track and off limits to riding.

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there is a train station at wingello which is easy riding distance to the trails,and also Campbelltown station is not far from Mount Annan trails.

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Loftus is another good option. Only about half an hour from central I think.

You can do 3 or 4 different tracks from here.

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Loftus is another good option. Only about half an hour from central I think.

You can do 3 or 4 different tracks from there.

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