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New mtb'er. has own gear and wants/needs to get involved. anyone up to go for a ride sometime?

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By buradorii - Posted on 15 March 2011

Hey. my name is bradley. I recently got a hardtail mtb. i realise this bike is not best suited for downhill or mtb'ing. BUT even still i love mtb'ing so i want to go for a ride with someone anytime. saturday is usually the best. EARLY IS GOOD. I do not have a car but am pretty good with trains and getting places. i live in inner city (sydney). Someone please lend a moment for a new kid, i know you were like me at one point.

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Welcome Bradley,

always good welcoming a new biker, Hard tail is fine for mountain biking, no its not a downhill rig but will be fine for a lot of tracks.

more than happy to take you along on a ride, catch ya on the trails.

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Post a ride , and they will come.Welcome to the wonderful world of mountain biking. Hartail is fine , we all started on one, well, i did, Just ride.....

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I am sure there is a thread somewhere about good tracks to start on (I thought this came up recently). Rob do you know the link?

Personally I think the Oaks is a good track to start on. Pretty straight forward (I am sure some people still get lost) not too hard, certainly not technical (if you miss out the single track) and the train trip home is a good recovery.

There is a page on NoBMOB about The Oaks. That's a good place to start, then make an event as suggested.


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I'm not sure the Oaks is a good spot for beginners.

Bradley, how far are you looking to ride and how long do you want to take?

Usually recommendations for beginners are Bairne Track, Perimeter/Long at Terrey Hills and Lady Carrington Drive in RNP.

As everyone else said, give enough notice (few days before), explain it will be a social noobs ride and sure you would get takers to come along.

Cheers Smiling

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Is anyone up (ie you) for a ride at manly dam this saturday? start earlyish?

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I have been to manly dam and the only problem that i had was dehydration (silly me didnt bring enough water) and orientation, i got really badly lost. but found my way home none the less. Is anyone willing to show me the rails (ie lead me through manly dam at a medium pace [not slow]).

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I'm planning a fun social ride on Saturday the 26th. Check for more details. Yes, it is for mountain unicyclers but we'll be going a nice casual pace and you are more than welcome to join us! Don't know if it'll be too slow for you but planning to take 2 hours. If we are, you can always go ahead of us and stop at any confusing spot and just wait for a mountain biker to come along and guide you the right way. Lots of riders Saturday mornings. Cheers!

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you guys are beasts! Yeah maybe. might see how many people reply to the event i posted for this Saturday on the calender.

PS: to everone else, i made this an event on the calender (saturday the 19th of march)

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Manly Dam eh, well if you change your mind...

Here is a place that is suitable and you can get there by train. Think it over and let me know if your keen and I'll "create the ride" and you can click Yes (click the star), and so can everybody esle you wants the easy tour of LCNP. You can reply here or send a message or sms or whatever.

Lane Cove National Park:

You can catch a train to Cheltenham and then roll easily down hill to this spot (Day Rd / Malton Rd):

We can all meet there for a little tour of some fire trail that will be great for you. It's pretty flat fire trail and it's a really good bush land experience as it's a cool valley.

So Saturday morning is best for you. Say 9am or later?

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I missed a couple of the rides that were posted for LCNP recently, be good to know where the local tracks are, hopefully if some more get posted I'll be able to make one. I'll keep an eye out for them Noel.

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yeah i guess thats cool. 9am im trying to be there by, if you want. and were exactly do you want to meet? (in coordinates is best, if you dont know how just go on google maps. right click exactly where you want to meet and click, 'what's here'.)

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ok all set for Sat AM. It's quite nice in that valley in the morning.

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Dude. i am so sorry. i went there this afternoon. its pretty sweet, but i have already rode the whole thing and now im like... DEAD. lol. I hope you will forgive me for not being able to come after me pretty much telling you to come... Sorry dude. Hope you still have a great time!

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haha, it's fine. Did you stick to the flatter stuff along the creek side or did you head up one of those crazy hills? Lucky you beat the heavy rain. Did you see whale rock? Looks like a whale huh

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i kinda went everywhere, i went up one of the initial hills and found a really sneaky passage that was pretty technical, was pretty sweet. But overall its pretty average.

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I ride Manly Dam nearly every weekend although I was planning on riding Oxy on Sunday with another fellow NoBMoB'er, with your hardtail, I'd think you may leave some skin there. I'd love to show you around Manly Dam next Saturday April 23rd. Happy to start early, you tell me what time. Might be a good idea to post a ride on the calendar if you like, we'll go casual and if there are sections you like, we can push back up and do it again.

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