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Keen to race

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Hi All,
New to Sydney, have done lot's of MTB riding a in VIC and loving the local trails. Keen to get involved in some XC racing, any advice on events to start with that may be coming up? Nothing to epic to start with please!

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New mtb'er. has own gear and wants/needs to get involved. anyone up to go for a ride sometime?

Hey. my name is bradley. I recently got a hardtail mtb. i realise this bike is not best suited for downhill or mtb'ing. BUT even still i love mtb'ing so i want to go for a ride with someone anytime. saturday is usually the best. EARLY IS GOOD. I do not have a car but am pretty good with trains and getting places. i live in inner city (sydney). Someone please lend a moment for a new kid, i know you were like me at one point.

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New or used?

I was wondering if someone had any opinions or experience in regards to buying a bike new or used.

First question: Should I even consider buying a used bike?

Second question: If I choose to look for a used bike, what to look out for and how to check that it is in a decent condition?

At the moment I'm considering a hardtail 29er. Been mainly looking at the Gary Fishers and the Giant XtC

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Mogo Entries up for grabs Nasty Nurse 11km & Irate Intern 50Km

Hey can't make Mogo so if you would like to take my entries off my hands I much appreciate it.
I have an entry to the Nasty Nurse (11km) on the Sat 12th Sept 09 & the Irate Intern (50km) on the Sun 13th Sept 09.

Call me on 0404 528 981 if your interested.

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Manly Dam new section open

The new section of manly dam is open (in allambie), its fast and flowing with good drainage. As anyone else ridden it yet? what did you think?

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Winmalee - Sat 19th July

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Saturday, 19 July, 2008 - 13:00
Meeting Point: 

Park in the dirt carpark at the entrance to the "Blue Gum Swamp Track" fire road

89 White Cross Road, Winmalee NSW

Hello all,

I have ridden through some trails at Winmalee a number of times and have found them both great fun to ride, and a bit secret as hardly anyone knows about them. For a long time I have wanted to share this ride with some more people I know. On Saturday 19th July, I will be in this part of the world, so I would like to invite you all to come along and see what it's all about.

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New and keen for DH


I've just recently signed up to this site.

I live on the south side of sydney and am keen to make the trip north to check out the oxford falls DH.
So do you guys hook up on weekends and run shuttles? cause that would be sweet to get involved in, I'm getting kinda sick of pushing my bike back to the top of some local runs around my area...

So i guess its best to just keep an eye on upcomming rides yeah?


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