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Newbie needs riding partners ...

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By isabella - Posted on 14 September 2010

Hey I'm just getting into MTB riding really keen, trying to ride once a weekend at least, but I need some people to ride with? I think these group rides that are posted up here might be too technical for me to start with so I may not keep up. If anyone's keen on a few MTB rides with a newbie let me know !

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wouldn't mind doing appin or the oaks this weekend ...?

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Hi... this is what we're here for Smiling

I notice you originally posted this in the NSW forum... roughly where are you located?

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if the rain goes away im thinking about doing perimeter and long track (they are jsut firetrails nothing too technical ) on friday. r welcome to join if ur able. Smiling

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I think ill be heading up for a ride on some of the Terrey Hills trails this weekend too, not sure whether perimeter/long or Chiltern/Duck Holes

Nice easy pace, welcome to join.

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Feel free to post in the calendar... Eye-wink

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maybe next weekend , I am not a fast rider just a cruiser

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I'd be up for a Oaks ride to test out my new race bike. Saturday would be better for me as I might have a road ride sunday. Post a ride, as Rob suggested.

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I am also a newbie and would like to join up with others for a ride Friday or over the weekend. Work out when you want to ride and I will join in.

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My wife goes riding every Saturday (2 or 3pm) and Tuesday am with a bunch of other women. On Saturdays its always suitable for newbies usually either Cascades, Perimeter or some other northern beaches fire trail. PM me if your keen and I will let her know.

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as everyone suggested, post a ride at what you consider a local track and i am sure you will get people to join in Smiling
i myself am just getting back to it after 12 months of back trouble Sad

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Are pretty cruisy & fun

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I've just sent you message with regards to riding tomorrow Smiling

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