Kinross state forest

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By Dicko - Posted on 08 August 2010

Hey rob

Any chance we can add a new ride database item for Kinross state forest. By all reports there are sa,e great tracks out this way with the local mtb club pretty active with a raft of events.


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Feel free...

Would be nice to get some geocoded pictures or something too.


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When clicking on the link I get an access denied message. Is there something I need to do to my profile to allow this function ?


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Well... yes... you used to have to join the 'content authors' group to get some extra functionality but that just confuses people Eye-wink

So I've removed that and hidden all those goodies under 'More...' in the 'Create...' menu. The link should now work for you (and everyone else). If you do a little write up I'll approve it and add some tracks (I see there's a KML on that site you've linked).

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Hey - nice work Dicko. Cleaned up and here it is:

I found some GPS data and added all the tracks. If anyone knows any details on which are sniggle/firetrail/etc. that would be useful Eye-wink

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