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By Flynny - Posted on 11 June 2010

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Well it's officially official

While we have been given various time lines for logging at Lidsdale in the past today I got the official letter from the harvesting manager. Come Spring 2011 the twisting joy of Lidsdale single trail will be replaced by a naked hill criss crossed with the catapillar tracks of the logging machines.

Our current yearly SPP runs out in January and will not be renewed. No event will be approved at that site from Easter....

On the Up side they are happy for us to negotiate a new area. Keep those line scoping eyes open and digging shoes at the ready

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with a nice little diesel ute giving me a new found freedom(not taking other car from wife!!) letting me expand my riding horizons, looks like I have been too slow

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Easter 2011... must be a hell of a slow ute if you can't get here by then Smiling

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which time of the year is best to get to this area?

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There must surely be a HUGE potential in Newnes State Forest?

With the car park for ZIG ZAG, and at Bungleboori its surely well set up for crowds. What with the MX, 4wding, climbing and canyoning plus walking and camping (and proximity to Lithgow) this would be a great area to keep crowds rolling in (crowds = $ = more likelihood of a longer term set up).

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Newnes is also currently undergoing logging. There is a bit of talk. SF don't really want to develop Newnes for competition trails, it has a bunch of issues including the fact it already gets a hammering from illegal moto use so dealing with that also has to be a factor.

We've go a few options we're exploring. Newnes is in there but with all it's issues it's not at the top of the list just yet

Interesting there was a major meeting with State Forest, green and user groups recently. We asked for an invitation and didn't get one... The greens are pushing hard for the hardwood/native sections to be Anexed by Gardens of stone. They'd love for us to help out curbing legal moto use but then don't really want us to have single trail access either.

RobbieO anytime is good at lidsdale, big ride there this sunday if you are keen

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this Sun, but have just looked up its location on this website & are already working on when I can get there- next week on holidays ,but going to Mogo(mum lives in Moruya) and then across to Canberra!

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