Orange Trails?

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By BT - Posted on 31 March 2010

I'm heading to a town just outside Orange for the Easter long weekend and I was wondering if it's worth taking my bike. I've heard there are trails in and around Orange.....

Kinross forest: Has anyone been there? Is it any good? Is it easy to find my way around without a guide?

Any other areas?

Cheers guys.

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Kinross is one of the best trail networks going.

Maps and directions can be found on the CWORBC page

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Thanks flynny.
It says

follow one of the fire trails up and look for the sweet single trail, there will be marks in the near future.

So the area is well marked?

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it wasn't sign posted as yet but the trails are pretty obvious

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It is great riding at kinross. If you print out a map from the cworbc website, the red lines indicate the single track. Just remember the carpark is in the bottom left of the map when you try to orient yourself when you get there.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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