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Night exploration of Lidsdale

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By Flynny - Posted on 10 March 2010

Tuesday 9/3/2010

OK here are the plots of our ride last night.
We got a little lost looking for the first section of Single Trail and had a bit of a bush walk. Glenn has since been banned from leading any ride ever again.... But it's all good and part of the adventure that is MTBing and besides it found us new bits to ride.

The Squiggles (I did a quick lap of this to map it, before we started the main ride)

Glens mystery tour

The second moto loop

Ego's Not a Dirty Word

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Totally relate to the getting lost part...sounds like many rides led by Stuart and Pikey. Always a good laugh though. We have many jokes about being lost in the dark, in the bush, how much food we have, and, sadly, how many garmins have contributed to our confusion...

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To be fair we were in a section of forest that had recently been logged. It's surprising how hard it is to judge familiar land marks when suddenly all the trees are gone.

Once we got back into the trees we simply turn right 1 gully to early...

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