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kurrajong MTB Park

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By Flynny - Posted on 19 April 2007

Work has started at the old grass cart place.

First stunt in place


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I didnt know there was a mtb park at kurrajong, can anyone tell me more about it?

Is it open to the public or only used for competition?


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WSMTB got permission to build a few trails at the old Grass ski/cart park. They recently held a flat track (Steep hill but no jumps or berms) Dual compressor race. The Boys from convinced the owner to allow them to turn the place into a freeride part using the rope tow to get back up the hill.

Not sure when it will be open to public but Pylet advertise their work days and if you dig you ride.

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thanks for the info Flynny. will try & get out there for a look.

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Got the prices today. $30 for the first hour of riding. $15 for the next hour and $5 for as many hours after that. I'm not sure but I think the track contains a DH segment and and there is a more complex section ( I don't know about this bit... ). The old Grass Carts are still in place as well. Should be fun, will check out soon enough, sounds like it's worth going to.

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