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The woods belong to us

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By Flynny - Posted on 14 August 2010

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Have a read of the about page:

It would be nice to see this topic covered by a completely impartial film maker... I wonder what we have here?

Don't forget one of the subjects of this movie (Michael J Vandeman) is a well known Internet 'kook'. I have first hand experience of his 'kookiness' if anyone doubts what they read on other message boards (just Google him). Vandeman was recently arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

No doubt those on the other side of the argument don't have squeaky clean characters either - let's see what sort of picture this movie paints of both sides.

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just the right kind of vocabulary that NPWS & council rangers always love to here & the crap we try to defend against!!

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You mean you don't scream as you ride? Not even when you see a well known nutter on the trail wielding a hand saw?

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Interesting that his background is mathematics, physics, and psychology - with his PhD being in measurement aspects of the latter.

He lists envronmental science as being in amongst his interests. In other words, he has no professional or academic qualifications on the subject whatsoever.

See here: For a fuller list of his collected ravings, see here:

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That guy will never go away will he?

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Do you like my mountain-bike?
Do you like it? Do you, Mike?

I do not like your mountain-bike.
Leave it home! Go for a hike!
Too many gears! Enormous treads!
You rip my favorite trails to shreds!
You may not ride it here or there,
You may not ride it anywhere!

May I ride on single-track
with all my gear in camelbak?

You may not ride on single-track
with mountain bike or camelbak
And do not ride on fire-road,
It cannot take the overload.
You may not ride it here or there,
You may not ride it anywhere!

Where may I ride my new hardtail;
The one that's made by Cannondale?

You may not ride your new hardtail,
be it Trek or Cannondale.
You may not ride on single-track
With mountain bike or camelbak.
I do not like your mountain-bike.
Leave it home! Go for a hike!

Where may I ride my plush GT
With seven cogs and chainrings three?

You may not ride that plush GT,
in habitat that's human-free
It never will be allowed, you see
I want to save the woods! (for ME)

Stay off the trails for heaven's sakes,
Your knobby tires are killing snakes.
It's known to all biologists,
And famous herpetologists.
We do not like your mountain-bike!
Leave it home! Go for a hike!
You may not ride it here or there,
You may not ride it anywhere!

But, mikey, you don't understand
Enlightened people manage land.

So I will ride my mountain-bike,
I'll go on wheels. You take a hike!
And I will ride it here and there,
And I will ride it everywhere.

I will ride on single-track
With fully-loaded Camelbak.
And I will ride on fire-road,
It isn't such a heavy load!

I will ride that new hardtail;
the one that's made by Cannondale,
And I will ride my plush GT
(There is no place that's "human-free")

A little skill is all it takes
To keep from killing whippersnakes.
And we all know your PhD
Is NOT in herpetology.

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This dude makes a nice straw man argument. I wonder where he got such skill. I certainly recognise the style...could he be an 'intelligent designer' as well?

"The woods belong to us"? Sharing is clearly not on his agenda. Everything has its place, including hiking-only tracks and DH runs (and moto loops, and 4WD tracks).

And my PhD IS in environmental biology...

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