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Another round up

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By Rob - Posted on 17 August 2010

Seems like it's time for another round up, so let's see what everyone has been talking about the last couple weeks.

First up, nix85 asked about bike cleaning and got some answers... and a whole lot of discussion about chain wear. tubbsy asked New rear shock, where can I get one? and got some answers... and a whole lot of discussion about shock issues and the fabled Drop Bear! Budboy73m asked Noobs first MTB choice...any comments? and... wow... actually got answers about a beginners bike Eye-wink

On the race scene a few people are getting a bit concerned about the upcoming Angry Doctor Enduro. There's a check list thread but beware: Supagav warned, Angry Doc is very very hard. Meanwhile the three Mixed Nuts took out Masters Fours at the JetBlack 12 hours at Dargle Farm. Reports from each of them here, here and here - well done guys!

Elsewhere on Global Riders, the BMORC guys looked forward to Clean up the World day 17-19 September - why not follow their lead and arrange some action at your local trail?

Finally, don't forget while planning your weekend riding that ee-lec-shun thing that is coming up - how annoying! Eye-wink flubberghusted suggested there might be A reason to vote and depending on your location maybe there is. If you're still undecided, remember to take a look around at which pollies help the MTB cause before making up your mind.

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