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JetBlack 12 Hours WSMTB Race

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By trailbunny - Posted on 18 March 2010

Saturday, 7 August, 2010 - 09:00
12 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Dargle Farm
Meeting Point: 

River Road, Cumberland Reach. From Sackville Ferry Road, heading North about 3.1km then turn right.

-33.454789,150.908289 (Dargle Farm)

JetBlack 12 Hours WSMTB Race

Yellomundee Regional Park
7 August 2010

Rocky Trail is proudly bringing you the traditional WSMTB 12Hrs Race for the second year in a row. With major sponsor JetBlack Cycling the event promises to bigger and better this year!

Race format & teams 2010:
12 hour race
Categories for male, female, mixed (if appl.): Solo, Pairs, Teams of 4, Teams of 6, as well as Junior Team of 6

Race times:
Registration 6.30am-8am
9am Race start
9pm Race finish
9.30pm Ceremony

Racing fees:
Racing fees start at $95 per solo rider and team entries start at $60 per rider and we also offer significant Junior Team discounts.

For a complete list of racing fees, more information regarding location, event schedules, sponsors and supporters, please go to our website. We will keep updating rider briefings and newsflashes as information becomes available before each round!

Click here to check out the Rider Briefing. http://www.rockytrailentertainment.c...erBriefin...

Click here to REGISTER NOW!

All the info of course at

PS: you can make it a full racing weekend and ride the 4H-Rocky Trail MTB Grand Prix on the Sunday (it's the second round of the series!)

Who's in?
Whisperer, chica, Carlgroover, Damien, LadyToast, Supagav, Chris S, trailburner, trailbunny, Scottboy, tate (11 riders)
Whisperer chica Carlgroover Damien LadyToast Supagav Chris S trailburner trailbunny Scottboy tate
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Chris S First Podium Finished 11:42:36 Male/Team/2 3
LadyToast Victory Finished 12:25:52 Masters/Team/4 1
Carlgroover Couldn't spell Pleurisy Finished 12:25:52 Masters/Team/4 1
Whisperer Happy Nuts at the JetBlack12 Hr Finished 12:25:52 14 Masters/Team/4 1
Dicko Jet Black 12hr - SXC Racing has arrived ! Finished 12:29:18 2 Masters/Team/4 1

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Please not that the venue has changed and the race will now be at Dargle Farm. More info at

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We entered as Mixed Nuts, but Gaz and Martine have had to pull out as Gaz is off interstate for work.
So it's now it's going to be Salty Nuts, with Whisperer, LadyToast and CarlGroover who'll be lapping the 12hr course and giving the masters a hurry along.
We're short one team member to make up our 4 man 40+ team.
So, if you're a racer and motivated to ride at the pointy of our category there could be a spot available....
PM or call me or one of the guys if you're interested.

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age is getting the better of me....

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Thats ok Gav, with your recent form I'm not sure we would want a slow coach like you anyway Eye-wink

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but offer of a paid work trip for three weeks with an elite mountain biker in alice springs was an offer i couldn't refuse. There's club racing every weekend with a six hour enduro on whilst i'm there! Cant wait!

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fyi: I emailed Martin, and he has enough teams to run a masters category for the 12 hour.
(I needed to check, because even though SuperGav is reportedly 'a bit slow ?!' at the moment he would be good company if we were racing in the open mens 4's).

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but if supagav is to slow where would that leave me !

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I'm coming down to compete in the Jetblack 12hr and am after a team mate for a 2 person team. If you know of anyone please let me know thanks...

Found a team mate thanks!!!

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one awesome piece of track its in its own kind of way a track suited to everybody who is riding there this weekend it is good for the novice & the elite or seasoned racer , it should be liked by all there on the day

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If anyone is driving down from the northern beaches area on the saturday morning and could offer a lift I would be entirely thankful. Of course I would split the fuel costs and even sing Christmas hymns on the way as way of payment.

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will be there Fri arvo for the whole weekend

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I'll be heading up Friday afternoon, and expect to be there around 3.30.
I'll set up my big tarp & the usual race setup in a 'well positioned' area that'll be good for transitioning and close to event central. PM or text me if you want me to save some space for camping / cars / transitioning.
I got a note from the organisers this morning that cars are OK next to the camp; and mobile reception is very limited, so try to msg me before 3pm. (Anyone else who's going to be there around that time let me know and we can decide on a spot together if you like).

Our Team (LadyToast CarlGroover & myself) will be camping on Saturday night after the race, and I'll be there tonight.
I'm looking forward to a nice campfire, a few beers and some good fun racing over the weekend!

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we had 3 girls teams enter the Female 4 category, for many this was their first team event and for some it was their first time riding at night. We have all entered the Scott, so the Jetblack was an intro to team events and day/night riding for us. We all had a thoroughly great time and one of our teams came 3rd. Pretty good effort given 1st and 2nd teams consisted of AMBC crew! We were positioned right on the corner after the bridge crossing, giving plenty of cheer and support to all riders coming past. Plenty of photos were taken and can be found on picasa.
everyone on the track was super nice and supportive which is very encouraging for us 'girls'.
When we arrived Saturday morning the car temp said that it was 3 degrees outside, when we left just after 10pm the car said 2 degrees!!! glad we didn't camp, bring on Spring and Summer!

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i'm glad everybody liked the track & had a good time Juliane & Martin really exceeded with this track & event , I will be talking about this one for a while , especially going out for a night lap & trying my lights finally, it was totally awesome . I hope there can be more events at Dargle because it is one of my favourite tracks at the moment , the track yesterday was even better & faster than saturday.
That is my two bobs worth

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