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Sam Hill set to demolish the course at Newtons Nation

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By Flynny - Posted on 01 October 2010

World Champ Sam Hill has been confirmed to compete in the 2060 Downhill MTB competition at Newton’s Nation! Reigning from WA, Sam claimed the elusive title in his second race back from major shoulder surgery, proving he cannot be stopped. Sam has taken some time off the bike to get healed and prepare for his best effort yet at Newton’s Nation.

You'd be mad not to be there. and don't forget entries are open to anyone so come along and share the shuttle bus with Sam and others...

More info on Sam Hill at

Watch on YouTube:

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Wow, now that would be awesome to watch Sam kicking it at that age!

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Ok I'm starting to think calling it 2060 might have been a mistake, as people just don't get it...

2060 is a pun on 26 inch wheels and a reference to Newton occult writtings.

Newton was a brilliant scientist but like most scientists of his time he was also heavily into the occult, especially numerology. Lets face it he came up with a theory that had an invisible force that ran through the whole universe tying everything together. Gravity, newage occultism or what?

Now as he got older, and slightly mercury addled, He got pissed at all the end of the world prophesies that were bandied about so he set about to use biblical references, numerology and other occult methods to show people how ridiculous these prophecies were.

His conclusion was that the end of days, end of the world, Armageddon.... could not possibly come before the year 2060.

We called the DH 2060 because it's Newtons nation and it's going to be apocalyptic
Twenty60 DH takes place at Newtons nation on the 26-28 November in the year two thousand and ten!

It seemed like a good idea at the time but any way... Be there!

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North Sydney-lets start at the Harbour Bridge and finish at the bottom steps now that would be cool!!!!

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