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Some image gallery changes

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By Rob - Posted on 24 November 2010

Just a heads up...

I've been making some changes to the way image galleries work tonight so please shout out if you see any 'funny' things happening.

The way ride meeting galleries have been working in the past was less than ideal. One had to create a gallery then post images into that gallery, but because there were an ever growing number it was a real PITA to find the right one.

This has been replaced with a 'Gallery' tab on every ride meeting that's just there. You can post directly into that gallery without having to wade through a selection by clicking the 'Post a new image in this gallery' link on both the ride meeting page, and also the gallery itself when viewing it.

This should make things a lot easier. I've migrated most of the old ones, but seem to have missed a few events that weren't properly linked up. Doh! Will get to them now.

The aim is to do the same for trail database entries and then just create a few generic galleries for everything else.

Hope this is a bit easier to use. Comments welcome as usual.

P.S. Will make an automated list of past rides with images and the like shortly.

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Nice one Rob. You clearly put a lot of time and thought into this website and we reap the benefits. Obviously it is a passion but it still takes time out of your day!

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With the changes, any chance of getting a link somewhere on the image post that takes you to the riding meeting. When you get a random image that looks interesting its good to know what riding it was relating to. Maybe it does this and I am missing something.

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@Brian, that's one of the nice things of the new layout. The ride meeting is in the breadcrumb top of the page. Eg:

On The Ferry

The breadcrumb is:

Home > Great North Road "updated" Saturday 21st April > Gallery


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Nice one Smiling

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Quick update - this 'associated content' now extends to trail database entries.

This is much better for administration because we don't have to create a gallery when a new area is logged, it's just 'there' in the 'Gallery' tab just like ride meetings.

Eg. Manly Dam Gallery

Enjoy Smiling

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Nice. So does a pic linked to a ride at Manly Dam also get linked to the Manly Dam trail database?

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@Brian... nah.

The Trail DB galleries are meant for shots that show typical terrain or action at that place. If we put in every ride at a location you'd end up with loads of shots of people riding which could be just about anywhere. The idea is that a handful of nice shots that show off the area end up in that area's gallery. Although it doesn't always end up that way.

What I did have in mind was a 'Related gallery' list at the bottom of a gallery page. When looking at Manly Dam, that would show all the rides that took place there.

When everything is linked there would be any number of ways to navigate or show this, I guess that's a blessing (or a curse?) of linking all the content up in a meaningful way Smiling

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