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found at Manly Dam part of Cannondale Lefty headwrench

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By xtof - Posted on 20 December 2010

found yesterday ( 19/12/2010) the tire lever with Chain tool , part of the headwrench


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Your the only person I know who has one of this. Is it yours?

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How on earth do you loose one of these and not realise?

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No it's not mine. Haven't been to the dam for ages. The only way I could see it falling out is if it was loose and you had a big off. They were probably helping someone else (because Cannondales never need repairing do they Eye-wink ) and left it on the trail.

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and how many times has your bike been in the shop recently Eye-wink

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Maybe it's mine... did you see a Rush Team Issue lying around in the bushes nearby? Sad

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The tyre lever section, ie the bottom bit, just clicks into the top bit. If you bottom the Lefty hard enough it shakes that bit of the tool loose and it drops down the steerer tube.

Due to my not so smooth riding style I've had that happen quite a few times, but normally it hits the front tyre and gets projected in front of you so you see where it goes. One time it didn't and I lost it. City Bike Depot said that shouldn't happen and gave me a new tool.

I lost the same part of the new one a few months later.

I've never actually used the tool and now I carry a multi-tool in my Camelback.

Don't use that either, but I'd need it if I didn't carry it Eye-wink

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I put the blanking cap off the top of the lefty (where the tool now is) onto the bottom of the lefty so if it does it will stay inside the head tube. Also stops dirt going up it from the tyre.

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