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Bmorc Ride Your Old/Childs Bike Oaks bash

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By hathill - Posted on 31 January 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Saturday, 26 February, 2011 - 09:23
5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Glenbrook station carpark.

-33.769197, 150.622262 (Glenbrook Station Carpark)

Well BMORCer's - it's time to relive your childhood (although most of us have yet to grow up) and grab/steal your son/daughters/neighbours/mother in law's BMX, MTB, Roadie whatever and hit the Oaks for some ragged fun Sticking out tongue (Make sure your son/daughter/neighbour and especially mother in law is not on the bike at the time)

Guidelines are:

1) Bike not to be worth more than $200 new or needs to be over ten years old.
2) No disc brakes.
3) You have to carry it out with you even if it is stuffed.
4) All stacks are your own fault for riding such a heap of S*&t
5) No clipless pedals
6) Must be prepared to have an embarrassing photo taken.
7) Anything else I have missed here....................

Extra points for bikes with no brakes, bald tyres, ankle slicing cranks with cotter pins or pedals which only have the spindle left.

Meet at Glenbrook Station for the 9:23 train.

Meet back at Glenbrook for something to eat and revel in the ability to leave your bike anywhere you like and know that it will still be there when you get back!

Who's in?
Chuck, hathill, Ian_A, BM Epic, stephen, J the B (6 riders)
Chuck hathill Ian_A BM Epic stephen J the B
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hathill Not The Faint Hearted Well, what an event, what a turnout! The quality of the steeds presented certainly made up for the lack of quantity. These old machines had already paid their dues in spades on the trails but that didn't stop us brave, but more likely stupid riders...

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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BM Epic's picture

Is the evo ok to bring????, if not the avanti roadie or sarah's apollo will have to do!

hathill's picture

Hey Todd, you can always trawl through Katoomba or Medlow Bath as it's household cleanup season t here! You'll have to fight of the scrap metal guys though.

The Brown Hornet's picture

Looks like the beach cruiser grocery getter complete with milk crate occy strapped to the front will be getting some dirt lovin'! White walled Onza Porc rip offs, front and rear colour matched fenders, double sprung saddle, maroon milk crate for contrast, and single speed (some massive ratio that is totally unsuitable for off roading). Oh, and a rear coaster brake. Pics to come soon so you can stare into the face of pimp and be humbled.

Orange stackhat pending finding at my dad's house.

hathill's picture

White Rosebank Stackhat - I had one after I face planted in the dirt when the steerer parted company with the forks while fish-tailing in tenth gear.

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I first rode WTG on a Universe Cycles cyclocross type bike with a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub gear in about 1970. Took so long that I had to camp overnight at the Oaks (seriously - though I planned it that way and took a sleeping bag and food in a haversack. BTW those benches in the picnic shelter are damn narrow and hard when you're trying to sleep on them).

Sadly that bike went to the scrap metal merchants some time in the 70's, after I got a Honda trail bike. If I can get my old (c. 1995?) Diamond Back Sorrento into something like working order, I might join you. Any physios or chiropractors likely to be in the group?? Smiling

The Brown Hornet's picture

Even though I don't have the qualification, I'm as good as a physio thanks to google! The same technology has given me the experience and skills to home-judge rhythmic gymnastics and the synchronised diving at the Olympic games, and to diagnose ailments of all descriptions, without having to put on a doctors coat. I can save you money!

hathill's picture

Thanks for helping with the chronic shortage of GP's JP. When are you opening your own "Super Clinic"?
You'll soon be owning a pink De Tomaso Pantera and crash landing your own helicopter.

stephen's picture

Sounds great, I have an old mid 80's Ross beach cruiser that I have wanted to do the oaks on.

Chuck's picture

I've done the helipad and back on my old bike. Got some odd looks that day.

Might have to get my old scooter out, or borrow my mum's single speed bike for the weekend. The shopping basket on the bars will be handy for the first aid kit. It has a custom made lambs wool sit cover too.

ChopStiR's picture

Think I may have a winner! A cheap kids bike(15" wheel size im guessing) spindle only pedals, no brakes, bald tires. Found on the side of the road, ive been meaning to fix it up. How long are we planning for this trip? I'll bring it if everyone is willing to wait for me at regroups lol

moggio's picture

Its a thin line between what I usually ride and what is expected for this... same with my riding gear.

Oh well, I will try and find something even older and crappier from someone else.

hathill's picture

There was a great looking BMX in Highland St on Saturday - probably gone by now with the scrap vultures.

moggio's picture

Might go have a look and a cruise around later today.... must be something out there. Not as much junk this cleanup.

Still me on a BMX at 190cm is fraught with danger (yeah I know Rennie raced BMX)

BM Epic's picture

Hey Lach,
Im a gynaecologist, i dont know much about it, but i'll have a look anyhow!
I will give rub russian style, but no happy endings!

Lach's picture

Given the age / quality of some of the seats likely to be used on this ride, a proctologist might be a better fit (so to speak). Thanks for the offer anyway Smiling

J the B's picture

Ah man, even the chromo street Wheeler sounds far too good for this (it's got elastomer forks).

Might have to resurrect the GF's old 2-ton German shopping bike...

It'll be carnage. That milk crate on the back rack is gonna be stuffed with bandages.

And I might have to visit the op shop for some appropriate cycling attire.

hathill's picture

I reckon that space helmet and goggles get up in your avatar will do nicely!

J the B's picture

I've sent away for AS 2063 certification for my blast helmet, but I haven't heard back yet.

However, the German shopping bike is now ridable. Just needed some bars, grips, seat, and some TLC.

Found some straight bars and some beautiful white things that have no business being on a mountain bike, but couldn't find the TLC anywhere. Anyone know what THAT looks like?

J the B's Fahrrad

Chuck's picture

My old bike.

Specialized HardRock Sport GX - 1995

ChopStiR's picture

Ive been thinking about doing this up for a ride. Although I think it fails the older than 10years rule.

Has bald tyres, Front rim Brake, Back Pedal lock, Single speed with a tiny crank and knee hitting handle bar.


hathill's picture

You must really be a masochist Tim.
I have two bikes that size but I am sure that I am not riding one of those Sad

hathill's picture

Rims made out of cheese and squeaky shocks really give these bikes the edge on the trail Smiling

Muninjitsu's picture

Not to mention the rearward facing front fork!

Tristania's picture

If I had the time to come on this ride, I'd take my old scooter I had when I was a kid (fails the ten year rule, but am pretty sure it's worth less than 200!)

TeeJay's picture

My eldest daughter have given me approval to ride her old apollo for this ride. Just been out to the back shed and sure enough it meets all the criteria plus the added bonus of a couple of redbacks just below the seat. See you all on the 26 of Feb with a couple of freeloaders to add to the fun of this ride.

Chuck's picture

Nice one TeeJay, see you there.

hathill's picture
stephen's picture

Hey Tim,
If you decide to bring this one, see if you can find some old stunt pegs for the front axle to rest up your legs and a tow rope... we can take turns at towing you on the flats.

Chuck's picture

Great idea Stephen!!! Any chance you could tow some of us up the hills?

I saw a great bike for this ride down at Redfern yesterday. It had nice big chopper bars.

The Brown Hornet's picture

Hey, my grocery getter looks similar to that, just not as "aerodynamic" looking. Having used it to pick the little one up from school with a tow along attached I can honestly say I'm gonna have my arse handed to me on the Oaks. See you there!

ChopStiR's picture

I think I will be giving this ride a miss unless I find some beuty on the side of the road.

Cheers for the Tow Idea, sounded good. But I dont think anyone will want to tow me up the hills Laughing out loud

Thats an extra 130kg to carry (5 for the bike)

hathill's picture

Just come along as sweep rider on the Trance!

Ian_A's picture

Thats my plan! might ride up from Glenbrook and cruise back with the nutters for a laugh.
Having moved halfway across the state twice in 5 years I tend not to horde things like old bikes. Last one sold on ebay for $26!

hathill's picture

You'll be laughing 'cause we'll be hurtin'

Chuck's picture

After riding the old bike up to the helipad before Christmas, I can honesty say the ride up will be better than the ride down.


Or grab one of these.

J the B's picture

Alright, out of pure altruism I am offering up a chance for someone else to join us on our noble mission. I happen to have another bike that qualifies for this ride, so if anyone wants to come, but doesn't have an old banger to ride, just raise your hand.

The Wheeler Street Machine
1997 Wheeler hardtail specs

Of course, now that I have a legitimate excuse to drag my 2nd-worst bike along as well, I will be riding that one and you get the piece of junk road bike. That's fair, right?

hathill's picture

It's your selfish, oops I mean't selfless attitude that makes you the person you are Jim.
C'mon, who could resist riding the thing that looks like it came out of the 3rd Reich!

chrischris's picture

Maybe this could become an annual event. I'd be there next year. See this pic? ----> I'd bring my old mongoose from teenage years!

DigDig's picture

Not sure if I can do it or not yet but I think a few of the bike up were over 200 when new.I have 2 bikes here that with about and hours work and some new chains would be good to go.1 is a early 80 ladies bikes just requires a chain over is a early 80 big w mens bike reqires wheels and a chain if anyones after some thing.I have a late 70s 10 speed few updates which is a 1 owner special.

Chuck's picture

Sounds like you're in Wes. No chain could be a bonus point, plus Stephen is towing some of us up the hills.

And the annual thing sounds like a good idea.

TeeJay's picture

Sorry Guys,

Need to bail out of this ride due to family commitments.

Enjoy the ride this Saturday!


J the B's picture

C'mon guys, are you telling me that no-one wants to thrash my skinny-tired clunker down the Oaks single track? I thought the offer would be too good to refuse.

Looks like I'm going to have to ride the damned thing after all...

The Brown Hornet's picture

I'm out.

Now the oldest is at school the only time we get to do stuff is the weekend. Have fun.

hathill's picture

Arrrgh - they're dropping like flies! Come'on everyone, you know you want to ride JB's treasure!

Ian_A's picture

Pretty sure Ill be riding up from Glenbrook and meeting you at the gate. I assume you guys will be there around 10:00am so ill head off from Glenbrook just after 7:30.

J the B's picture

So the story is we're meeting at Glenbrook and catching the 9:23 train up to Woodford, for a 10 o'clock start, is that right?

Chuck's picture

Should be around that time. The 9:23am train arrives at Woodford at 9:53am.

Ian_A's picture

Can you guys keep an eye out on the train for my brother in law - skinny bloke, dark hair about 23, will be on my blue giant hardtail.
I told him to look for the bunch of idiots on kids/girls/old shitty bikes so he should find you.
See you at the gate.........

Chuck's picture

Okay Ian. I'll head down just after 9am.

Also, I ride up in two hours, so you should be okay on time.

Ian_A's picture

You've got a bit more legs than me on the firetrails Mick. Last time was about 2:15-2:20 up I think. Ill leave by 7:45 to be sure.

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