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Keen to Ride Kincumber

Saturday, 27 June, 2015 - 12:45
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Kincumber Reserve
Meeting Point: 

Bronzewing Drive, Erina, NSW.

-33.4449, 151.392 (Bronzewing Drive)

I'm in the area on the day so why don't I do some fun riding for a couple of hours at Kincumber!

Great trails from years ago!

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Kiwarrak o'nighter: Le Tour de Force!

Saturday, 8 October, 2011 - 12:00
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Kiwarrak State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Next to the tip entrance (grassed area) on The Bucketts Way (between Tinonee and Purfleet).


So let 'Le Tour' begin!

Arrive up at Kiwarrak at 12:00pm, enough time so you can turn up and ride early if you want, or get lunch on the way before riding at 12:00. We will ride for a few hours on Saturday, stay overnight, and continue with another ride on Sunday, before heading home.

Please see the forum discussion about accomodation here:

See ya there! Smiling

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The Rock Wallaby - Mountain Bike Enduro

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Sunday, 15 May, 2011 - 09:30
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North end of Burke St, Appin. There's a small parking area here at the trail head.

Note that the map shows Market Street connecting Appin Rd to this location but that is actually a firetrail and will not work for drivers who should take King St (next block South) and enter from there.

-34.200985,150.792578 (North end of Burke St, Appin)

Appin rocks! And Appin has lots of rocks which is why it's so fun to ride! The Rock Wallaby enduro was born at the request of the township of Appin as part of their Bicentenary celebrations and to highlight what an oasis of singletracky goodness Appin has become.

This inaugural event will be held on Sunday 15 May, with the kind assistance of the people of Appin and Wollongong Mountain Bike Club (WMBC). In 2011 it has the dual purpose of celebrating the town's Bicentennial year as well as introducing an exciting new enduro event to the Australian race calendar.

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Fun Social MUni Ride at Manly Dam

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Just a heads up that I'm organizing a fun MUni (Mountain Unicycle) ride at Manly Dam on March 26th meeting at 8:30am.

It's posted as a ride in the Western Sydney Unicyclist website. If you are a two wheeler at all interested in watching, taking photos or videos feel free to tag along. Or just up for a nice relaxed social ride. Will be going at a slow pace (~2 hours), stopping and playing at all the fun sections.

Find more about the ride here:

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good riding tracks in booderee national park jervis bay?

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Are there any good riding tracks in booderee national park nsw, i am not very good with maps and places to go. thanks

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Bmorc Ride Your Old/Childs Bike Oaks bash

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Saturday, 26 February, 2011 - 09:23
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The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Glenbrook station carpark.

-33.769197, 150.622262 (Glenbrook Station Carpark)

Well BMORCer's - it's time to relive your childhood (although most of us have yet to grow up) and grab/steal your son/daughters/neighbours/mother in law's BMX, MTB, Roadie whatever and hit the Oaks for some ragged fun Sticking out tongue (Make sure your son/daughter/neighbour and especially mother in law is not on the bike at the time)

Guidelines are:

1) Bike not to be worth more than $200 new or needs to be over ten years old.
2) No disc brakes.
3) You have to carry it out with you even if it is stuffed.
4) All stacks are your own fault for riding such a heap of S*&t
5) No clipless pedals

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Social Sunday @ Yellomundee

Sunday, 15 August, 2010 - 08:00
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Yellomundee Regional Park
Meeting Point: 

There's a car park (click for foggy picture) on Springwood Road - just down the way from Hawkesbury Heights if you're looking for a suburb name.

-33.663669, 150.656361 (Hawkesbury Rd)

I posted a ride at Ourimbah without checking if there was a race on there which there is, so I thought Yellomundee might be some fun, cause i have not ridden there for a year or so. Lets hope not much rain fall between now and the weekend.
I would like to get 3 laps in (not sure of the distance at the moment). It is social, but not for beginners.
I can offer a lift for one person from around Top Ryde, Homebush area.
Bring some snacks and drinks as we can have a quick pit stop at the cars each time round if need be.

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Social Sunday @ Ourimbah

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Sunday, 15 August, 2010 - 07:50
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Ourimbah State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Enter via Red Hill Rd, Ourimbah State Forest. On your right will be 'TreeTops' for the kids and it's large-ish carpark. Carry on past there and the first small clearing which is were parking used to be, and is where the 'Browns' single track turns (you might see riders on your left here).

Parking and official trail head is now designated a further 350m or so up the road where a there is a larger area. There's a CCOMTB sign here by the trail entrance (on the left as you drive up). Park up nose to curb or as directed.

-33.275884,151.377053 (Red Hill Road)

Social and fun is the theme, however this is not for beginners. I hope to do 3 laps, depending on the timing because i need to back in Sydney by lunch time.
For anyone who has not ridden there, its a great loop through the state forrest that is usually around 12kms or so depending on the condition. Majority is single track, it has some hills of course but not too nasty and some excellent decents. Its not very techical and there are some chicken runs around the harder stuff.
We can stop at the cars after each lap to get some food or drink for the next lap.

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Women's Skills Weekend

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Saturday, 14 August, 2010 - 09:00
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Del Rio
Meeting Point: 

Del Rio Resort is on Riverside Drive, Webbs Creek, NSW.



Women's Skills Weekend – Wiseman's Ferry

The AMBC Chix are teaming up for a weekend of skills training just for women at Del Rio Resort. Our Women’s Skills Weekend will provide you with the opportunity to improve your riding skills in a social, relaxed & fun environment. On offer will be a range of sessions targeted at improving your riding on both singletrack and trails in and around Wiseman’s Ferry.

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Gretings all,

I did a ride out at Ourimbah today and the topic of conversation eventually turned to the Awaba XC trail. A trail that I have never ridden before. And one that looks fantastic and well worth the trip. Laughing out loud

Are there any other riders out there keen for an explore around Awaba? I would guess this will be in a few weeks time as my next week or two is full. What is it, a 10km lap? Maybe fit in 3 or 4 laps?

Cheers. Cool

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