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By D-on - Posted on 31 March 2011

A new job means a new start in Melbourne. Does anyone know of a nonmob equivalent in sunny Melbourne ? And I am also looking for a decent MTB shop. In the two weeks I have been down there I have seen 1,000's of roadies but not a single MTB Sad Any tips on a Bike Addiction equivalent ? Am going to base myself in the Glen Iris / Malvern area. Any ex-Melbourneites that can shed some light on the XC action down south ? Thanks heaps.

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Lysterfield is the place to ride down there I think.

There is a site...

... but it's not as nice as here I think. Although I would say that wouldn't I? Eye-wink

You could persuade them to join Global Riders and get all the extra goodies like traffic lights, blogs, results, etc, etc. Smiling

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the owner rides DH and also runs the Vic State series so they have a MTB focus

Lysterfield and You Yangs are closed for riding at the moment which is a bugger.

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Yep, I spent a couple of days at Lysterfield last year and had a blast. Doing the Commonwealth games lap is fun too although the open grassy bit over the back is (or was last year) a very deep rut and can easily hit pedals.

There is some great single track to be had there but you can get a bit lost too although not badly as you eventually come across gravel roads you can follow out if you need to.

Another place I heard of is Buxton MTB park or similar which is somewhere north (maybe north east) of Melb. Worth a google.

I believe Forrest(sp?) is in Victoria too, but not sure how far from Melbourne. Jess Douglas (current 24hr solo world champ) and hubby live there so it can't be too bad.......

I think you'll find there's plenty of good stuff around and Melbourne city being perhaps a bit more bike friendly might be good too!

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Wombat Forest near Woodend (1 hour NW from Melbourne) is really great and reminds me of Wingello with heaps of amazing singletracks.

Forrest is also another place worth going, but it is quite far away and it is better to spend the weekend there.


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If you are going to go somewhere for the weekend, it's a 3 hr drive to mount buller. The mountain bike trails are amazing. Just take a spare pair of legs with you

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... for the Melb heads up. Have heard about Yarra Valley Cycles so will def check it out. I will miss not having a Manly Dam in my backyard ! Cheers D-on

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