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Could have been nasty

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By HeezaGeeza - Posted on 05 April 2011

Could have possible done some serious damage to someone coming down the trail at speed......

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what a dead set tool ,and a school teacher at that, could have been his own students that he hurt!

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Up there for thinking of the consequences... NOT. It doesnt take much to sever someones head from their body with wire. Ive ridden down that trail. Some of it is like Kiwarrak, most of the trail near the brewery is like the Oaks - so there is the possibility to go fast. Maybe the rider was trying to get away from a crazy man with a dog and some wire... sounds like Manly Dam!!!

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crazy ass idiot , he should have been made too ride down the track too see what happens , idiot

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Nuff said

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could be coming to your local shared track at any time!-there is idiots out there!

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