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The Corn Trail

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By Rob - Posted on 18 June 2007

Sounds/looks like a cool, single track downhill in the wilderness. Quiet a trek from Sydney but cool all the same. Check out:

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the race that Caro posted...
Another reason to sign up for the The Angry Doctor...

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We were lucky it had been dry for while for that ride, all the logs across the track would be very slippery in the wet. It started raining just as we got into Batemans Bay.


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I'm trying to figure out if it is a mountain bike ride or a gathering of Subaru enthusiasts ...


I see three Foresters and one Impreza RV in that pic.

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Two Foresters and an Imprezza, the other wagon (parked on it's own for obvious reasons) was a Magna I think. There were more Subaru's parked in Batemans Bay for the shuttle back up to get the cars.

Rob - who has never owned a car without a boxer engine

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I can see some easy saturday arvo riding on the corn trail prior to the sunday race Smiling

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Corn trail & easy aren't two words that normally go together.

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Probably this is too late notice for a ride this week. But I would be interested sometime in the next month. This sounds like a nice explore. Doesn't sound too hard. Especially if we combine it with some other harder ride on that particular weekend.

Rob, you should set up a ride for Sat 14th.

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.. dont tell the others that, would be a shame to be so close & not check it out.

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Bruce is talking about the race on the 2nd of September (i think) ... so I don't think he's referring to this weekend...

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Ah, Ditty, that would be too organised.

Nah - why I put up this "Or So We've Heard" forum was just to toss in ideas that are heard from time to time. It's somewhere to post stuff so we don't forget. Kindof a wish list of rides in the making.

Hopefully we can get a "Done" section underneath to file in those that were explored. Those that turn out great will end up in the rides DB, those that are lemons... well... at least there will be a record of that too.

Well - that was the intent, let's see how it pans out Eye-wink

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I was thinking the day before the race in september.

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The blue wagon does look like a Magna now that you mention it. It looked like a lowered Forester from the rear.

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