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STOLEN- green Kona Dawg

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By twenty22 - Posted on 03 May 2011

Hi there- my 2003 (or 04) green Kona Dawg was stolen on the weekend, approx on friday night/ early saturday morning 27-28/04/2011.

[Mod. moved to lost + found]

It was located in Narrabeen and locked in my apartment car spot. This has been a targeted stealing and the thief bolt cut the lock and only took this bike (left other items and other bikes untouched). This person obviously knows the value of this bike and has eye'd it off.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures at the moment but if anybody has seen this thief with a bike matching this description or know of anything that's similarly for sale or going around please call me on 0417 890 016. I know a green 03/04 Kona Dawg would be more of a rare bike on the Northern Beaches.

This bike was a gift from my dad who passed away a few years ago when I was young and it would mean the world for me to get it back.

Thank you so much if you can help me out.

[edit: added picture- looks exactly the same but had maxxis tyres with orange string line on the rim]

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Have you reported this to Police and advised them of the serial number?

Possibly some druggo has nicked it to finance his next fix and has fenced it to the local Cash Converters.

Police have access to secondhand dealer records - possibly online - and more than a few nicked high end bikes have been recovered swiftly by this method, often in distant parts of Sydney.

Hope this helps.

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Steady on hawkeye, not all addicts have to steal for their habbit.

It's just as likely Osama Bin Laden is taking all these bikes to pay rent now his holiday home has been trashed... have you seen the stains his visitors left on the carpet? Eye-wink

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Sorry to ask Rob but what does Bin Ladens capture have anything to do with junkies stealing the poor blokes bike?

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It's just a silly joke.

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Yeh, you gotta watch those guys from seal team 6. You don't wanna get between them and the beer fridge. Osama shoulda known better Eye-wink

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