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Rain friendly rides??

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By LoveB - Posted on 30 May 2011

Where can I ride after/during rain near cremorne? lol been riding the fixie in the dry and its been raining and I wanna get out and ride. Want to ride manly dam (obviously gotta walk some parts) but I dont know how hard it'll be and how much mud I'll have to deal with. Dont mind getting all muddy I suppose. its part of the fun lol

EDIT: I'll be taking the MTB out into the rain btw not the fixie lol

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Park at the end of Wyatt Ave Belrose, then ask for directions Eye-wink

Look up the google earth maps on NoBMoB, there are a wealth of trails in that area.

And they are all fire trails and are wet most of the time anyway.


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Cascades? No thanks... not after heavy rain. It's a dark valley with a stream at the bottom and I imagine will be a swamp at the mo.

Not that you can damage the trail as Pikey says, it's all fire trail. You will likely experience a chain clogged with sand (leading to chain suck) and lots of nasty grinding sounds from every moving part on you... and your bike Eye-wink

Sadly Duck Hole + Centre is the usual recommendation for wet weather riding Sad

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sydneys cycle path network, homebush bay out to prospect res through city farm, along orphan school creek up parramatta rail trail and back to homebush .great ride . Smiling

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Unless you like mixing it with cars, cycle path / back road rides are the way to go to keep fitness up without trashing your mtb and / or whatever bit of mud you ride on. I like LCNP (between Fullers Bridge and De Burg's bridge) for a quick sprint, or heading out through Nth Ryde and Top Ryde to Homebush Bay - from there you can link up to the Prospect Reservoir loop Craig mentions, or head up the Parramatta river and back, or head down the Cook's River to the airport and either back up the Cook's River path, or through the city using Clover's new bike paths, the Harbour Bridge and (mostly) cycle paths as far as Artarmon, or even on to Cronulla and back (not recommended into a southerly).

Then there's the M7 cycle path for a pretty decent hit out as well.

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Spin classes are your wet-weather training friend.

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People ride at Terrey Hills during or after the rain, but to me that place always turns into a bog. It drains awfully. Menai does not suffer the rain much, and the Ourimbah XC trail too. In fact, both trails get better with a bit or rain as the dark coloured surface dirt gets nice and tacky.

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Just gotta watch the wet roots on the switchbacks at Ourimbah - they get very slippery.

TH can be OK in the rain. Duck Holes and Centre can work, and if you start Perimeter + Long at the Japanese School that can work as well. The downside is that your drivetrain will sound like a cement mixer full of grit by the time you're done. That will be because your drive train will be full of grit ... little grains of abrasive sand washed into it. Not great for drivetrain life - replacing bits gets kinda expensive for the short term thrill of wet muddy (sandy) riding.

If I really gotta ride and the weaether's that bad, I pull out the commuter and stick to the road, or go do a spin session with all the freds at the gym ... if I can lever myself out of my comfy warm bed.

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bring ur scummer or ur mtb... then finish with caffeine and a B&E roll!

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The rains stopped. lol so I guess I'll just wait for manly to dry up a bit.

Decided against going to trails while fully muddy as I remember when I took the bike out to manly after it rained. It sounded like my chain rings were made of sandpaper and my chain was made from rocks. lol I see people biking around cremorne point in the rain. Dont mind that I guess

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