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The Grove Bike Park Official Opening - You're invited!

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By Rob - Posted on 06 June 2011

Although I have had absolutely nothing to do with this venture, from what I hear local volunteers have put in a massive amount of work, showed much patience and stuck this through to achieve an excellent result:

That being that Manly Council have now officially recognised the dirt jumps and pump track at The Grove in Seaforth.

They are having an opening ceremony June 16 @ 3:30pm and riders are invited to take part and enjoy a BBQ afterwards.

Please see the flyer below and RSVP by phone to 9976 1487

The Grove Opening Invite 1 The Grove Opening Invite 2

Well done all involved - this just goes to show good things can happen!

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Now I wish I hadn't sold my BMX... I don't think my Anthem will survive that track with me at the helm.

That picture in the brochure looks fantastic. Makes me feel like I'm 14 again.

sensai_miagi's picture

whorthwhile on a 6 inch reign?? anyone tried?

E S P's picture

This looks awesome,

Going to try head up on Thursday.

Cant beleive there is such a cool track close by

See you guys on Thurs


willy101's picture

was there on a xc bike and still heaps of fun............although a dj bike would be nice-

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Willy, its been raining a fair bit, any damage done?

willy101's picture

there was a bit of dirt that had been tossed away but when i was there people were parring down the lips/landings

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hopefully it will be all good for the opening,
if this rain keeps up, i would delay they opening

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Nah - they are having the opening with rain or not. Apparently there is a hall next door the official stuff will happen in.

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