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Which gloves for XC?

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 13 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I went in store and tried on some gloves and found that XL best fitted me. L was unable to get on without a fight and XL was loose and had extra finger length. I ordered a pair of XL Fox Incline (full finger) and a pair of XL Fox Tahoe (Fingerless) from The Bike Shed. After recieving them I found them a little tight to get on but I have full movement once on. Once out riding I start to loose feeling in my thumb, pointer and middle finger and start to also get pins and needles. If I let go of the handle bar and rub my thumb and two fingers I can bring back feeling, but i loose it again soon after. I'm believing the 2 pairs of gloves I got from the Bike Shed are smaller than the gloves I tried on in store. I have yet to use the Tahoe fingerless gloves but they are also tright to get on and off. I cant find the packaging they came In so I doubt I could send them back.

Is there a Way of stretching gloves?

What gloves do you like to use?

What is your recommendation for my situation?

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Sounds very odd. Given they are from an local store and you don't think match the ones you tried, don't think they would have an issue with exchange, so long as you didn't ride in 'em.

FWIW, I struggle with glove fit. Too loose is no good, but can't find a set that is snug all over without some parts being a bit stretched and this leading to ripped seams, etc. Also cannot find a glove that is consistent in quality. Eg. I have some TLD ones that were (are) great. Ordered a second pair which fell apart long before the first set. Ditto for 661 & Fox Sad

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I should mention the store I tried them on at was not the Bike Shed.

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Leather gloves will stretch and can be sprayed with a product most shoe repair places have for boots.Niblick leathers is man made and wont stretch.I dont realy like gloves but if it cold I wear a set of TLD xc.If its your thumb pointer and middle it more your grip or wear the padding is on the glove.

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I've been searching for ages for a good pair of full-fingered gloves that satisfy my requirements, but they just don't make 'em.

That is: full-fingered, durable, with palm-padding. I need palm-padding or else I get issues with my hands (e.g. mild pins & needles, tender spots, bruises when I crash and stick my silly hands out, etc). It seems that you can find padding in all fingerless gloves (the roadies like it), but the guys who want full-fingered are usually downhillers and don't like palm-padding. It seems like the current manufacturers don't think that anyone would want to protect their fingers and also have palm-padding.

The other problem I find has already been mentioned: some fingers of a glove are a perfect fit, whilst others are not. But for me, the most important parts to get the fit right, are the ones where you are experiencing issues: thumb, pointer and middle. The others are not as important, and can be a bit large without too much of a problem. I think the thumb is the most important one to get right. If it's too short you are going to get all sorts of issues, as the most pressure is felt through this contact. Also the interior seam can be an absolute bastard if it's too large or not in the right place.

All I can recommend is to not get gloves that are too tight (but you've already found that out).

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They do loosen up with use. I use the Specialized BG Gel ones and recently bought a second pair, same size and everything. The first few rides were really painful & pins & needles. They are ok now though but still need little bit more wearing in.

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The lack of padding is a mystery, and something that I strangely accept every winter and then enjoy the fingerless padding again in summer.

Still with gloves I find most are too fancy and full of little cute material and rubberised stuff that just covering your hands seems to be an afterthought. I go with my BBB winter gloves as they fit, are warm, seams are unobtusive, cheap and they last well. More padding would be nice but they are fine for 2-4 hrs or so of riding.

You could try some more padded grips as well I guess?

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Without a doubt, getting some good grips helps with the cushioning. ESI silicone grips are the bee's knees.

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If you want full finger gloves with padding the jetblack one or good.Come in 2 styles padded or gel pads.The esi grips are good I run large bmx end caps to stop fall damage.

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Overall, I recommend Troy Lee XC gloves, they have a good fit, last well and I also use them for DH and all other riding. They don't have much padding but a good fit without too much bunching up. With tightness, most gloves that I have owned have simply stretched a bit over a couple of rides.

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