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By Brumma - Posted on 04 July 2011

Hi everyone,

I moved to Sydney at the start of the year and am looking for people to ride with! I'm living in Marsfield and have just been riding firetrails in Lane Cove National Park near Brown's Waterhole end around to Cheltenham, the other end to South Turramurra and also found some more bush around West Pennant Hills/Westleigh. Otherwise I've just been riding bike paths and roads to Homebush and Nth Parramatta (so Lake Parramatta is probably within range for a ride.)
I mainly ride XC/Trail and like long social rides, multi-day rides and racing XC. I ride a Surly Troll which is rigid at the moment but I'll probably be looking for some old 100mm Fox forks to add some bounce to the front end.

Also looking to get involved with a club up here. I'm originally from Albury and have been involved with my local club, AWMTB, but now that I'm up in Sydney I'm keen to get involved with a club up here. I don't have a car, but I can always ride to trails or take public transport.

Would be great to meet up with other mountain bikers in the area!



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Hi Eliot,

Welcome. Just keep an eye out on the calendar, or... if you look through the trail database and find somewhere you like the sound of, post up your own ride and hope that someone comes along to show you around. Some nice friendly wording with a bit of notice often wakes the masses Eye-wink

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Thanks Rob, I'll check out those features and see if I can find some people to ride with! Smiling

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Greetings Eliot. There are plenty of good rides around that fit your criteria. You can start with the Manly Dam and Bantry Bay trails (the legal parts, anyway). Some local, some in and around Sydney, and some are a day trip requiring a 2-3 hour drive. But believe me, some of these out of towners are da bomb. Cool

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Hi Eliot,

You would be more than welcome to have a race at WSMTB, see for info. Our next XC races is on 24 July at Yellomundee RP. It really requires a car to get there - but if you make a post here on NobMob, someone maybe passing Marsfield on the way.

Ray Rice

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Hi Eliot,

Manly Dam, Terry Hills, Cascades all have nice trails and within reasonable riding distance from city - especially if you like longer rides. Or you could take a ferry to Manly from Lambton Quay.

Give me a shout on a weekend and I'd be happy to show you around.

Best, Sasc

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Thanks guys,
It would be great to have a race and check out Yellomundee. I will definitely make it to a WSMTB race soon.
Sasc, thanks for the offer! I'll let you know when I've got a weekend free to go for a ride.



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