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Club race video

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By Flynny - Posted on 26 July 2011

Quick bit of video from one of our club races.

Was taken with the contour set up under the seat looking back. Hope you enjoy

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What mount was used? Standard,aftermarket or custom?

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Ventilated helmet mount, slightly modified and strapped onto the rails. Tail light was then used to wedge the cam up a bit too for added stability.

The mount comes with the 2 straps (one either side) I pissed those off and modified it to take 1 longer strap that goes through one side, across the bottom of the mount and through the other and then around whatever you want to mount it to and back on itself. This lets you get it much tighter and is easier to set up

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Just bought the VHM and will give it a go

Got the Contour+, havent used it yet due to rain Sad

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Great footage, flynny. Smiling

One thing that leaves me underwhelmed about the vented helmet mount is the rattling noise you get. The stick-on mount doesn't do that, but I'm a bit over getting a stiff neck from the weight hanging on one side of the helmet. Are there any tricks you've found?

@nrthnben, have you tried the Android phone app yet? downloaded it last week and it works really well for lining up the camera properly and changing settings (eg, low light). Very easy to use. Smiling

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Nice work....excellent footage... looks like I'm not working half as hard as I should Eye-wink

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Yeah the rattling noise is a pain. I reckon a bit of strategically placed blue tack will sort it but haven't tried it yet.

Paul you're fast enough without working harder.

PS that Ikou birthday gift i got off you for my mrs was a winner

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No i havent, a mate downloaded the iphone app which worked ok, last time i checked they where still building the android app, will download today, thanks

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